Let’s Have a Zoom Party This Saturday!

Join Me for Some Human Connection

I have thrown around the idea before, but it just was not in the cards. I have been for the last few months using Zoom for interviews and working with clients. I want to be more open as “The Bipolar Writer” and James Edgar Skye. I want people to get to know me outside the blog, and my novel to give people a chance to ask me questions. There is also connecting with others who share the same background–mental illness.

Saturday, I will be hosting a Zoom meeting at 2 pm Pacific Standard time here in Sunny California. I will also be open to individual sessions throughout the day or in the coming weeks. It is a perfect time as we are still in shelter-in-place (with some openings in California), but my doctors are advising me to stay indoors anyway. How about it?

Email me at jamesedgarskye22@gmail.com for the invitation! There are still spots available.

I want to keep it to about 5-7 people, but if more would like to join, I will see. I am still new at the “group” aspect, but I would love to connect with my followers more in the future. We can talk about mental health, the current state of the pandemic, or anything. I am open to just talking to my people in the mental illness community.

Always Keep Fighting


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9 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Zoom Party This Saturday!

  1. I’d love to partake but I have serious anxieties about video chats, which is why I am gonna host a ‘pop up pop in’ text chat on blogger community Sunday. I’ve tried ‘getting over’ the video phobia for 15 years but it’s not happened yet so I stick to what I do best-type. 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful Zoom session.

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