When Your Life is Busy

Life is Busy, and That’s Good

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It has been a while since I wrote a blog post about my mental health and where it is amid this pandemic. I have been busy, which has helped me get some of my anxious feelings under control.

This time of year, some of April and then into May, I usually hit my stride. My Seasonal Affective Disorder, in association with the depressive side of being Bipolar, often finds its end. I come out of a cloud. That happened recently. The late spring into summer months is my most productive, and so I found myself writing and editing again. Not that I was not writing, but it was not every day.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

I usually use baseball to help me get on track, but with sports put on hold, I am finding new ways to entertain when in my downtime. I also limited my downtime recently and decided on more productive work longer into my day. I have seen productivity go up, and that is always good. I am hopeful that my memoir The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir will pick up some steam as I work with other mental health bloggers to promote my work.

If you have a mental illness or mental health related book please leave a link in the comments so I can begin to make purchases!

I am working diligently on editing my major fantasy fiction novel, The Rise of the Nephilim. I hope to be ready sometime in June or July to publish my novella Angel on the Ward. Both are works of fiction. Then there is my short story, which is going to be published in a literary magazine entitled Hyeon and the Precious Notebook. In editing, there is also my short story The Dark Passenger, and I hope to be able to publish this piece this summer. 

Life is okay, and I am adjusting to the new normal when it comes to everyday life. I believe my anxious feelings will eventually subside or get to a reasonable level. My depression is down, which is good. I will be making two major announcements next week, and I hope that you will tune in as I work towards getting all my projects in focus. One of the announcements will be good. So stay tuned and always remain strong in the fight. 

Always Keep Fighting


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16 thoughts on “When Your Life is Busy

  1. Happy that your productivity is better and you seem to be getting more done. Even I, who usually is very mentally healthy, am finding this whole lockdown challenging up one day down the next.

    Only taking a few words from someone said in a specific tone to trigger my emotions, something that would not have happened eight weeks ago. Having so much uncertainty is difficult. Definitely a time to be creative and keep your mind on other things.

    Looking forward to your book, The Rise of the Nephilim. Sounds interesting.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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    • It has been a tough time in isolation but the alternative of catching COVID-19 is not worth the trouble. I was struggling but writing is always my compass. Thank you for your interest in my next book. It will be very interesting.

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  2. I don’t have a book personally on mental illness, but I would highly recommend The weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati and A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom!! Both are wonderful ya novels featuring characters with bipolar disorder!

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  3. Hi James! Happy you’re feeling better! Winter months are so very hard! SAD is real and it’s awful. Especially when you already have Bipolar and/or other brain illnesses. Congratulations on all of your writing projects! Very exciting! I’m wanting to write a memoir, but haven’t been able to get it started. We shall see. I’m taking some writing courses starting Monday, so I’m hoping that will help me get motivated to take that first step! Good luck to you with everything you are working on! Kindly – Tanya

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  4. How’s it goin’?
    I’m sorry to hear that.
    Sorry? Why?
    Because you’re not in control of your Life?
    No, I’m just busy.
    Your still not in control. You have no free time.
    and now, what they say next, will likely tell the reason behind the story. They might say:
    1. But I LIKE being busy.
    Really? I cant help wondering: what are they avoiding, or distracting themselves from?—OR—they stay busy because they, sadly, dont know how to “play” and have fun. They really dont know what else to do with themselves.
    2. But I’m…..Productive. I get things done.
    That may be, but I’m betting half of them don’t really need to be done at all, or at least not with one-quarter of any urgency they might feel about it.

    In 90% of the cases, you could probably boil it down to one of those two things, or both.
    But, for all of their busyness…..where is the JOY??
    Where is the: Yeeaaaaaah Baaabbyy! enthusiastic ZEST in Life? How often do they smile BIG, or laugh? Probably too busy…….


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