“Achieving a Goal is not the Only Way to Live a Worthy Life”

Since this quarantine has begun I have felt more pressure from myself to be productive. My depression and anxiety make me feel this way when life is normal but since I’m home almost all of the time, it’s been worse.

My mind has been saying, “Megan, you really should have cleaned the baseboards last month when you said you were going to” and “If you don’t go out and pull those weeds, your yard is going to look so ugly.”

When I get like this, I freeze. I feel so overwhelmed by all of the tasks and activities I “should” be doing that I end up doing nothing at all. I end up cuddling with my animals on the couch while watching YouTube videos.

I had been feeling guilty about how unproductive I’ve been over the last month when some words of wisdom came out of nowhere.

As I’ve stated in posts before, I love BTS and always watch whatever content they put out into the world. Recently the member Suga (aka Min Yoongi) went on the app V Live to answer questions from fans and update everyone with what he’s been up to since their tour has been canceled.

(V Live will add English subtitles to their live streams after a few hours)

I think a fan asked about how they could be more motivated to study or that they didn’t have a dream they were working towards, I can’t exactly remember the context. Suga replied, “achieving a goal is not the only way to live a worthy life.”

Those words touched my heart. I’ve told myself countless times that my value doesn’t come from my level of daily productivity but hearing those words from Suga meant a lot.

He is insanely talented and hard working, his fame didn’t happen overnight. So hearing from him, somebody I see as a productive person, that achieving a goal isn’t the only way to live a worthy life, it made me think that it’s ok to not be productive every moment of the day.

I wanted to share his words with you all in case you’ve been struggling with this as well. I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy in your mind, not just your physical self.

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Here’s a few songs that Suga wrote and performed that are excellent: “Shadow,” “Seesaw” and “Never mind.”

11 thoughts on ““Achieving a Goal is not the Only Way to Live a Worthy Life”

  1. Hi Megan 👋🏻 You just described how I feel most of the time exactly! I have so many things that I want to get accomplished that I end up doing absolutely nothing, because I put too much pressure on myself to be productive that I can’t actually live up to my expectations for myself! Does that make sense?? Anyway, thank you for sharing! It’s nice to hear that I don’t have to accomplish a goal to actually be productive! Sometimes just getting out of bed and breathing for me are productive!! Anyway, thanks again and have a beautiful day! Tanya

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    • Your experience makes perfect sense. I also will not do anything because of the weight of the task(s) and pressure I put on myself. Yes!!! Thank you for commenting, Tanya! I hope you had a great weekend!

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  2. Our judgments create these expectations

    My ptsd was cause by a violent narcissistic father who constantly criticized me

    I thought I had to overachieve just to be normal

    Took me a long time to know all that was erroneous

    We all think we have to accomplish something overcome something to be happy

    Learning I could be uninformed or non productive and still be happy was life changing

    We have to accept ourselves totally and surrender to those judgments by letting them fade

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    • That sounds like such a challenging time for you growing up and realizing that you don’t have to overachieve constantly. I’m happy that you have been feeling better in that regard. Thank you for commenting, Marty!

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  3. Hey Megan! I just wrote a post about this. I know the exact feeling. I think it’s awesome that you shared this. I think productivity is defined by what you are happy with. To some it may be something as small as eating well that morning while others work to achieve something greater. As individuals we need to learn to be proud of what we can accomplish and not overwhelm our minds with things that may take time.

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