Bipolar and Weight Issues

Imagine being on a roller coaster.  You sit down and you strap in – there is no turning back at this point.  You are stuck and face the inevitable.  Now you’re heading up the first big incline and it’s steep.  You can’t stop it and you’re feeling overwhelmed and scared.  As you approach the top of the steep incline, you are apprehensive about what comes next.  All of a sudden you are plummeting down the steep hill with wild abandon.  You feel exhilarated and unstoppable.

Such is my battle with weight loss amidst my mental illness.  When I’m depressed, I am on an extreme trajectory toward weight gain and lots of it.  I usually gain 30-40 pounds in a couple of months.  I eat everything that is bad for me – sugar, carbs and processed foods.  Then as quickly as I tumbled into a depression, I change direction and I’m hypomanic.  I am super focused on my health & weight loss.  I eat healthy foods and I’m very intentional about what goes into my mouth.  I exercise every day and I’m always moving – I can’t sit still.  And just as quickly, I lose the 30-40 pounds I put on when I was depressed.

It’s a vicious cycle and according to Medical News Today, “Losing weight for a short period and then regaining it bears the name of yo-yo dieting, which some people refer to as weight cycling.  Previous research has pointed out the potentially damaging effects of these repeated cycle of weight loss and weight gain.”  So not only is it frustrating, but it isn’t good for my health either, particularly my heart health.

Below is a picture of my weight fluctuating during 2017.  This happens every year, but I happen to put these pictures side by side so thought I would share!

Bipolar Weight Fluctuation
 Example of my weight gain & loss in 2017!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

14 thoughts on “Bipolar and Weight Issues

  1. You’ve got a contagious smile on both pics superb quote from the Bible. We are always learning therefore always getting better making this the best day ever it’s impossible for life to get worse. I have been diagnosed with bipolar however never get depressed. If God wanted us to suffer he wouldn’t have created flowers. Hope it’s OK to follow you if you warrant a smile like that I’m sure you’re worth knowing.x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Keep the Faith 👋🏻 Thank you so much for the compliment 😃 Ugh…I wish I could skip the depression – it’s awful! God is good all the time! There is a purpose for everything! Of course you can follow me – hope you enjoy my content! Be well! Kindly, Tanya – Divinely Bipolar


      • Tanya, I’m on here most days. Look forward to your posts. The problem with depression is that people accept it as part of them. Ask yourself what would you do if something didn’t serve you externally? Chances are you would dismiss it as unfortunate. So why accept being depressed internally. Remember you are always improving through learning. Remember that depressions only purpose is to serve as a warning to others. Stay in touch trust that there is more logic to not being depressed than the alternative. As soon as you’re depressed contact me together we can be like God & good all the time. James keep the faith


      • Tanya does this make sense? Expectations only purpose is to lose appreciation of any favourable behaviour. It is the opposite of love as expectations are what you want rather than what they want. do yourself the favour of living with no expectations. Do what you will with the expectation of nothing in return, in other words you can then never become frustrated with someone you have no control over. We are all on a learning curve. To cut to the chase we all love each other we don’t need to earn that love it is forever there. Your efforts being returned is always the need of your loved one not yours if you expect it you will never appreciate it. If your loved one doesn’t satisfy their need then they are missing out not you. Is that fact?


  2. People who don’t have bipolar just don’t get all the other crap we have to deal with. Weight struggle is a real thing, and to make it worse some bipolar meds cause weight gain. Best of luck on your journey, you have a beautiful smile either way! 🙂


  3. Think of depression like this if something externally doesn’t serve you then you tell it to get lost so do the same internally you’re always fine tuning and your best is good enough. Well wishes virtual hugs on tap


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