Become a Contributor Writer for The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Blog

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Become a Contributor!

Today’s post is two-fold. I want to invite anyone who wants to become a contributor writer on The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog to reach out to me through email (see the contact page of my blog).

The requirements of the blog are simple. At least two blog posts a month, though you can write as much as your heart desires to my 14,000 followers. The content can be written work like poetry, stories, or your experience with a mental illness. All I ask is that the work stays mental health-related. I am looking for motivated people that want to share their stories. The content is on my blog, but you get the notifications and comments. You can promote your own blog as much as you want in your posts. In fact, it is encouraged to grow your personal brand. I will discuss further with those that are interested.

Contributors That Haven’t Posted

Back in February, if my memory is correct, I reached out to all collaborators through email asking if they are still interested. For those that have reached out, or if you have been contributing in 2020there are no worries. This week I will be making changes for those who have not reached out or made a post so that new contributors can take those spots. This blog is always about the ever-changing world of mental illness, and I want the voices to be heard. If you’re a contributor and you have not reached out, please do so I don’t delete you.

With that said please reach out if you want to be a regular contributor on my blog!

Always Keep Fighting


You can visit the author site of James Edgar Skye here.

Purchase The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir here.

Become a Patron of James Edgar Skye and be a part of his writing here: Become a Patron!

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7 thoughts on “Become a Contributor Writer for The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Blog

  1. Would love to get involved I only have access to WordPress rather than email together we can cure depression rather than accept it as part of our lives. If something doesn’t serve you well externally you dismiss it as unfortunate so why are people accepting depression internally?

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