No Therapy for The Bipolar Writer

What has Bugged me Since November, Losing my Therpaist

There has been something bugging me, and it came to the forefront of my mind today. I felt the need to get it off my chest, and writing is therapeutic for me. I want to begin with some history.

For those who might be new to my blog, I, James, have been in the adult system of care in the state of California and the county Monterey. Behavioral Health, as it is called, has been my home for everything mental health related . To meeting with psychiatrists (the many over the years) for medication refills and changes, the idea of group therapy which I never could do, and one therapist since 2007. I talk extensively about my experience with the adult system of care in my memoir. I was twenty-two at the start of this jouney, and fresh off my first stint in the psychiatric ward.

It was not until 2015 that I actually got insurance, thanks to Obamacare, and I was finally eligible for therapy. I met my therapist in the summer of 2015. Until November of last year, she was the one advocate in my life that cared about my daily struggles with Bipolar disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia. This blog, my memoir, and becoming The Bipolar Writer only became possible when I opened up in therapy. Before, I was not very good at expressing the mental illness side. 

Everything Changed

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I can’t fault my therapist for moving from long hours for probably not the most exceptional pay for a better job. She was terrific, and she helped me through so much. I got to this point because of my mom, therapy, and undergraduate/graduate school. My therapist was also my case worker and tbat is important. Only one other person in the system, my psychiatrist from 2007-2012, actually cared.

It has been five months. I keep getting the run around in December, January, and February of this year. They are working on getting me a new caseworker and therapist. They wanted me in group therapy through it would not start until February. I was just working on getting ready for these types of situations, and so I declined group therapy. I have trouble with being around people in person. Which is ironic because I connect with people all the time here on my blog. I was hopeful that eventually, they would hire someone new, and things would get back to normal. Then COVID-19 happened to the world, with it was the changing of everything.

Now, as with everything else in my life when it comes to my mental health, I am in a holding pattern. The county is freezing hiring a new caseworker and therapist, and so I have no therapy for going on five months. Its the longest since I first came to therapy. There is always a silver lining when I write these posts. I am better equipped to deal than at any time in my life. Yes, its been hard since I began sheltering in place and social distancing when it comes to anxiety, but I am slowly adjusting.

It is looking like we are going to be this way in California for a while. I will deal with it the best way I know how, writing, some meditation, and perhaps adding some new things to my routine. When this is all over, maybe I will once again be in therapy. God knows that I will need it. Stay strong in the fight.

Always Keep Fighting


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20 thoughts on “No Therapy for The Bipolar Writer

  1. Sorry for your struggles! I don’t know how I would cope without my psychologist! I’m happy writing is therapeutic for you – it is for me as well! I’m really enjoying blogging and sharing my truth! I wish you the best of luck with finding a psychologist that will help you through! I will pray for you 🙏🏻
    Tanya D
    Divinely Bipolar

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  2. Sorry to hear that you don’t have a therapist right now. My therapist and I are working through video chat right now. I wonder if you might be able to do that, once someone is available. I’m glad you have all your good coping mechanisms in place.

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  3. Hi James, I’m sorry you are having to wait so long for a new therapist and case worker. It’s really hard to be without that support! Blogging is a good help too, I know (it has been for me as well), but that is still not the same as having a therapist. Wishing you good health!!

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  4. Losing my first therapist was absolutely devastating for me. But it did reveal how much I had learned and gave me a chance to apply those things to my life. Hang in there and I’m praying for you in the interim.


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  5. SO RELATABLE! Have you thought about looking into a sliding scale doc? I am in health care and very well versed on this aspect of health care from the other side. Please let me know if I can help you find something more immediate. I know it is pricey, I am out of insurance and currently self paying for alllll the care!

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  6. Got to love the “hurry up and wait” mentality prevalent in all health care systems where it comes to mental health. I know I got the run around for years before I landed with a doctor who finally took me, and my symptoms, seriously. That has been a game changer for me. I wish you luck in finding the same.

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