Learn to Love Yourself in the Alone Time

I have spent the last several months going to work and going home. Not much socializing. Sometimes once a month I would go out if invited to something. I was trying to save money. And I was trying to work on myself. I went to counseling and did other activities to pull myself out of depression. I don’t have insurance so that was the best I could do. I remember feeling alone often. I looked for ways to stay busy and distract myself from how I felt. I wished I could afford to go out and spend time with even one person.

As I was getting to a better place with my finances, the pandemic happened. Everything shut down. I lost a lot of work. Other than concerns for my income, my daily routine didn’t change much. I couldn’t read a book at a coffee shop, but I could live without that. I had grown more comfortable with myself and didn’t mind the alone time. I still feel alone but it doesn’t bother me as much. I’ve grown to a place where I enjoy cooking again. I read more. I write fiction more. My creative ideas are never ending.

During the pandemic, there were videos of celebrities feeling upset during social distancing. This reminded me of how I felt. I realized there wasn’t anything wrong with me or how I felt. We were all reacting in a normal way to isolation. I hope people are discovering new things about themselves. If you’re bored during isolation, you need new hobbies. If you’re alone and uncomfortable, you need to love yourself and enjoy your own company. We all should set time aside to be alone. It’s important to our wellbeing. Find your happiness in the alone time.

James Pack is a self-published author of poetry and fiction.  Information about his publishing credits can be found on his personal blog TheJamesPack.com.  He resides in Tucson, AZ.


7 thoughts on “Learn to Love Yourself in the Alone Time

  1. I don’t have a job so I don’t have money rolling into my bank account, but my spending habits haven’t changed since the pandemic started. I’m very frugal and have become even more frugal during the pandemic as I am working towards #pantry-zero. I do not feel like I’m suffering despite the lack of money. My savings are stashed away which I don’t have access to anyways. I feel like I have what I need to be content and practice gratitude everyday.

    Isn’t WP a hobby? I think it is! I don’t get bored of blogging. Things that drain me mentally are dopamine quick fixes like Netflix, social media, and to a lesser extent, video games. We just got Netflix so I need to be very careful of how I spend my time.

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  2. Great post. Being alone is something that scares most people but personal I think its a persons greatest strength because if you can’t spend time with yourself then at some point in your life that is going to catch up on you.

    I find to be creative you need to be alone, it’s in them moments that inspiration comes to you in waves.

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  3. This has been a really interesting time for us all. Personally I miss the coffee shop but I love having my husband around. I’m bored of all the cooking and yet I’ve embraced learning to try a few new recipes (chocolate soufflés for one which I shall never, ever bore of!). Yes, an interesting time for us all. Stay well. Katie

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  4. Being alone has taught me that I don’t know much about myself. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned about things I enjoy since spending so much more time at home in a mindset of being socially distant.

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  5. Such a lovely post. Over the past three weeks, I have become so much more self-aware. I am noticing things about myself, I’ve never noticed before and it’s amazing how much a little quiet time can change the perception of things in life!

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