When This is all Over

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There has been something weighing heavy on my mind lately. We are living in a different world than we were at the start of 2020. People are inside more than ever, and every day our lives are changing because of the coronavirus.

Yet, I have seen so much compassion for those on the front lines. People are reaching out to those that are losing members of their families. For those who are the unfortunate ones that have gotten the virus. I am amazed by the outpour of support of one of my contributors of this blog, you can read about her story here. I see it on social media. I see it everywhere. I make it a point to thank those people who still have to go out in the world where they are at risk every day.

Yet, we are not always compassionate when life is good. We forgot in these times that there is still real hate out there, and it affects our society as a whole. Look at the Asian Americans that are being attacked simply for being Asian. The coronavirus knows no race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. Is it not possible that we, as a whole society, can be these empathetic to everyone we come across? Not just when we are in a pandemic. A wise person told me recently that we are more alike than different.

When this is all over, let’s be better people. Let us put people in power that want to help the people without a voice because they are the disfranchised. I hate getting political here, but we have seen how politics are being chosen over helping people. Let us remember how, since people have been sheltering in place that the environment has been helped and improved in a short time. Let’s have compassion for people dealing with anything that is taking over their lives. We can be better people, we have been doing it for a month now.

I am by no means not part of the problem. How many times have I not said thank you for someone doing their job? I know that sometimes I feel disconnect because I am an introvert, but now more than ever, I crave connection to others. I want mental illness to be recognized by all as a real thing that we have to solve. There are so many problems in the world that we need more compassion and empathy. We are the human race, and we need to do better, not just during a pandemic.

One last thing. If you have to go out into the world, make a plan, and limit yourself to exposure. Get items delivered if at all possible and make sure that you sat thank you to those who have to work in this crisis. If you see a nurse, paramedic, grocery store worker, delivery drivers, or anyone who still has to brave the world because they are essential, be kind. These people are the real heroes of this pandemic. Always stay safe.

Always Keep Fighting


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45 thoughts on “When This is all Over

  1. Insightful post James. I agree that it would be fantastic if we can manage to keep at least some of this renewed compassion we have recently rediscovered in ourselves. Like you, I’m also part of the problem at times. Love God, love people. Be well.

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  2. Well said and so beautiful!! My sentiments exactly. This forced reset is a rejuvenation period for all of humanity. I miss hugs so badly. I can’t wait to hug others again as I do on my job inside of an international hotel. It has hit me this week how much human interaction fuels my passions and how deeply I feel about other human beings. I have always been super curious in the human condition and how we live life. This time has taught me how much I value my freedom to go places, meet and make friends with others and just share in a nod or smile.
    Great post, so uplifting!!! Thank you James 🙏❤😊

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    • It’s amazing the things we miss. I miss shaking a persons hand. Sitting at a coffee shop watching people and character studying for my writing. It’s the little things that are missing. Thank you as always for reading.


      • So true!! Yes, the little nuisances and quirksothat make life worthwhile. I think too, people like us who have overcome adversity, wanted to end it all only to be renewed in our spirit take this all in a more seriously appreciative way. Crawling and pulling myself back from the darkness of insanity gave me such a new outlook on life. I spend every day, for even 5 mins writing a gratitude list. I have done this for almost 10 years now. It’s a form of praying for me. Now more than ever am I grateful for the connections I have in this world. For that is what makes the world go round my friend🌎❤🙏

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  3. Only been a follower for a short time, but this is one of your best posts—great wisdom and encouragement at this difficult time. Much appreciated.

    The Asian community getting blamed for this is ridiculous but a specific person, who shall remain nameless, calling it the Chinese Flu, didn’t help.

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  4. I was literally talking to someone about some of your views yesterday. I’ve had people reaching out to me and group chats created from years ago.

    Where was this sense of community and relationships as far as treating people right before the crisis? That truly bothers me. And when this is all over, life will go back to the divisions that once were.

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  5. A beautiful reminder James. We must stay united in kindness and compassion during these dark times. I don’t know how long it will take before things resume normalcy but the least we can do is support each other and be warm and loving. I enjoy your posts.

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  6. I agree James! We are learning a lot, not only about humanity as a whole but about changes sorely needed and long over due with our leadership system just being one. Another being our incomprehensible refusal (perhaps politically motivated) to put science in a leading role helping us implement changes that we all know would benefit humankind.

    The pandemic itself may have been avoided if those in charge heeded sciences’ warnings of long ago. As they today warn of climate change, pollution and the slow destruction of our planet. Yes change is badly needed! The clock is ticking down! The question is — will enough of us wake up in time and demand this change before its too late?

    Is it even possible to accomplish this in today’s world of political indifference, even with trying? Perhaps more than ever, we at least need to try!

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  7. I applaud your beautiful post. I, too, have been impressed and hopeful beyond words by the compassion and generosity people all over the world are showing in the face of this pandemic. Impressed by the compassionate leadership many people in positions of power have been showing. And angered beyond words at those in positions of power whose incompetence and indifference (read the U.S. Trump administration in particular) are needlessly prolonging the suffering and loss of life. I wish we could be confident that this pandemic will lead all of us in the world to be better and more caring people, but I have seen enough crises in the past when people find the better angels of their nature during the crisis, and then gradually revert to their old, uncaring, selfish habits once the crisis has passed. Would that this time be different . . . what a difference we could make.

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    • We could make a huge difference but the reality is human nature always sets in. As aa society we are set in our ways. Perhaps this time will be different. I am hopeful and so I keep a positive mind.


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