Bringing Color Back.

If you have followed along, you would know that I have had some pretty big gaps in medication management. Whether it be from my own failure to comply, medications that didn’t work, or just a hard time finding a doctor that stuck; it has sucked. I had been seeing a doctor since I got back from Texas and she was working to find the missing link in my medications. I was feeling so much better after resuming my meds that I was taking before the big blackout where I stopped everything. I still had this edge. This darkness peaking through the cracks that was slowly consuming all the progress I had made. I was cranky and then depressed and then fine. It was just a hint to let me know that something wasn’t right.

Then my doctor quit. She left the practice without a forwarding address. So on to the next.

WOWOWOWOWOW. This guy. He has just painted the color back into my world. He found the combination that worked and just in time. I was making some progress in getting back out into the world when every fiber in my body just wanted to stay home where it is safe, no judgement, no chance of troubles. Then BAM! Stay home because all my fears came true, it isn’t safe out there. So here I am, working from home. I am so blessed to have that still. To not have that taken away from me and further rock my little raft. I think about my people here all the time. I hope that you are all doing well. I would love to have a hang and maybe chat with some people if interested. I need that social connection just as I am sure others do. It is just as crucial as my medication.

Stay strong, keep on keepin on friends.

5 thoughts on “Bringing Color Back.

  1. Hey! Thanks for the update and post. I have been thinking of seeing if people want to connect through Zoom in large groups so we can all help one another cope. I don’t mind social isolation, but I prefer the option to leave my house when I can. It’s the new way of the world. Stay sane in these crazy times.


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  2. I can imagine and empathize, to some degree, for that journey. Different roles and characters but similar undertones. I just found a therapist. Hoping that she is the one. *Crosses-fingers* I have not had gaps in my meds as much as gaps in social attentiveness. This is not helping. Or the world “out there” is not helping. While I am an introvert, I recharge with along time, I do enjoy some extrovert time and social interaction. I am glad that you still have work. I do as well, but I wish that I could work from home – not having to immerse myself in the world out there to perform my work. This is all… just so… heavy. I wish you well. I am glad you have this as an outlet.


  3. Appreciate the update and sharing your experience. Glad to hear you’re making progress. I am thankful my doctor found the right mix about a year ago and it made a big difference for me as well.


  4. What do you do that you work from home? I used to be fortunate enough to write product reviews for a company, from home, but the company went under and I’m back out in the public.


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