Depression, the New Reality

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Depression is something that many are experiencing for the first time for more than just a fleeting moment. People are staying in bed more, and social isolation to keep the coronavirus is a new reality.

Depression is sneaky. You might think those extra hours of sleep is a good thing. Resting is perfect for the system, and a good six to eight hours is good. There is oversleeping, and that is a symptom of depression. I have been monitoring social media, and those that live alone and have to work at home in our new reality are having trouble adjusting. Depression can take over in the best of times, but in this new world, depression is, even more, something to look after. Mental health is essential.

I have talked about social isolation and anxiety, but equally important is depression at these times. I was a victim of this recently. On Tuesday, I overslept for three hours. I habitually wake up at around eight every morning and get to sleep around one in the morning. Since getting my CPAP machine, I have found balance in sleep. I worked a couple of days in bed because of the cold, but it had an effect I was not expecting.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

With the shelter in place in California, I have lost business with my freelance work because people have more time to work on their stuff. The one major project, the ghostwriting of a book, was put on hold last week and this week as I work on finding the best solution to continue with the interview part of the book. Coupled with finals for graduate school, I was getting overwhelmed, and depression got into my system without me really knowing.

There are things you can do that can curb depression if you are feeling the full force of it right now. The bed should be for sleeping and for that activity only. I am no stranger to watching Netflix in the comfort of my bed, but not leaving your bed can be detrimental. Perhaps watching television on a couch or reading a book. When you associate a bed with all the activities of life, it can give you a sense that everything is okay. Taking a shower is so essential when depressed, and so is going outside for the sun for fifteen minutes can uplift your mood. If you’re in winter and the sun is not out, lightboxes are a fantastic thing to use. I swear by them, and you can find them on Amazon.

One of the more popular things that I am seeing and liking about this time in our lives is that people are connecting with others online since we can’t meet in large groups. Its a fantastic idea and one I am going to be using in the coming weeks as there is no end in sight. I can feel like you are drowning, but if you stay vigilant depression can be reduced effectively.

It took me oversleeping in for me to realize depression had again taken over. It has been a running theme over the last few weeks, and I have been able to limit it for a day or two. I have close to thirteen years of experience, and I can figure out triggers of depression with the best of them. Not all are so lucky. I am always available by email or by phone. Know you are not alone in this fight. For those new to depression, never feel that you don’t have someone. There is an entire community here on WordPress.

One last thing. If you have to go out into the world, make a plan, and limit yourself to exposure. Get items delivered if at all possible and make sure that you sat thank you to those who have to work in this crisis. If you see a nurse, paramedic, grocery store worker, delivery drivers, or anyone who still has to brave the world because they are essential, so be kind. These people are the real heroes of this pandemic. Always stay safe.

Always Keep Fighting


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19 thoughts on “Depression, the New Reality

  1. I really like this post and it’s so true about depression worsening during these times! Like you, I have a light box that really does help me so much on gray days or when I can’t get out! I love reading your blog and can relate to so much of it! 🙂

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  2. It is very tough times, and they are missing that there will be people, who with struggle with mental health but that is not spoken enough about on the news! Glad you built a strategy and keeping to it! Start with gratitude meditations and I am grateful for statements as it triggers your brain to feel uplifted! It really does help! Be safe and keep smiling!

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  3. People connecting online is good, one professional producer I follow on Instagram is sharing tips and tricks, and giving his followers challenges and homework. Great Community spirit. Guess as the saying goes, every cloud has a sliver lining.


  4. Thanks for sharing. I’ve really been struggling with oversleeping as well. I don’t have any obligations in the mornings anymore, so I ask myself, “what’s the point of getting up early?” Sending you good vibes during these difficult times.


  5. Depression and anxiety are swallowing me whole. My daughter and I were exposed via 3 confirmed cases and have been very sick. I finally got tested for COVID-19 today. We’ve been quarantined for 12 days already and just got 7 more days added to it. We’ve both developed pneumonia and I’m so paranoid it’s from COVID-19. Besides that, the isolation with a 7 year old is getting to me. I miss adult interaction and driving my car. I miss a lot of the simple things. But I’m also not looking forward to going into public even when this is over. Now that it’s so close to home I’m so afraid.

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