The Best of Me

“You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you,” are the lyrics to “Magic Shop” by Korean pop group BTS. I have been listening to this song over and over because I keep thinking about these words.

Sure, it’s not the most eloquent phrasing but I think that they are on to something here.

For ages we have all been told to give everything our best whether it’s academics, athletics, music, art, relationships, etc. That if we give anything our best effort we have a higher likelihood of succeeding.

During the many times I have sat and contemplated these lyrics, I understand it as we so often give the best of ourselves to others but have a harder time giving the best for ourselves.

I try to give my best to my family, boyfriend, pets and friends but when it comes to giving my best for me, that’s a different story. I know that eating well, exercising and having human interaction is good for me but I don’t always put in the effort. If I had a paradigm shift, I would try harder to do the things that are good for me so I could be at my very best.

If I gave my best for myself, what would my life look like? This is a question I have been focusing on, digging deep into it to find a possible answer.

I still don’t have an answer but during these weird times of social distancing and staying home basically all the damn time, I have time to really think about it. I also have the time to focus on giving myself the very best of me.

What do you think of these lyrics? Do you have a similar interpretation or not? Do you think you give yourself the best of you?

Please everyone be smart and safe!

8 thoughts on “The Best of Me

  1. No. I do not give me the best of me. I criticize myself for everything. Too fast, not fast enough, not good enough, you did more than you had to, they are judging you, they didn’t notice you… The ego is a cruel trickster that I dance with on a regular basis. I cannot let myself win. Well so it would seem… I have been working on this though. A bit more time this last week. I got a lot of writing done. Confidence is growing. But these weird times have left a different set of feelings. Ones that feel like grief but I’m not certain yet. Time will tell. I 🤔 think it’s overall getting better. I have been blogging about it myself. More like venting.

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    • I definitely feel you, Joe. It’s so easy to beat yourself up about everything. I get this way in social situations so that’s why I don’t talk to most people at my work. I’m glad to know your confidence is improving and you’ve been blogging! I hope you can keep it up and give you the best of you.

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  2. I stumbled upon BTS before they became popular the West. When studying, I listen to piano arrangements of BTS! Highly recommend the YouTube channel Smyang Piano – it’s super relaxing, which is something we all need during this stressful time. 🧘‍♀️🌱

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  3. I too give to others and less or not back to myself as much from time to time.

    I did make it a new habit that I was to balance this out and this year have stuck to it.

    Love, light and enjoy giving back to yourself ❤️😊


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