Asking The Bipolar Writer Questions! Tuesday Edition

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

I am hoping to turn this into an “every Monday or Tuesday Series” where you, the followers of this blog, can ask me questions about my mental health. Any question and I will do my best to answer these questions during the day. That is my hope, and with hope always comes excitement. I want to be accessible as a mental health advocate, and so this is an opportunity to try something new!

Leave your questions below!

Always Keep Fighting


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3 thoughts on “Asking The Bipolar Writer Questions! Tuesday Edition

    • I struggle with most during my day with trying to work out triggers with my manic side. I tend to not know when I am manic, but there are signs. Usually spending way too much or in the past dealing with days at a time without sleep or drinking (reckless behavior.) I have always felt that I don’t understand my manic side as much as depression or anxiety. It is especially hard when I am in a mixed episode. I think I understand my mania then it throws me for a loop. The extreme highs are hard to deal with.

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