My Love/Hate Relationship With Daylight Savings

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

For most of us, we lost an hour last night. While I love that this time of year marks longer days, which means m more sunlight, the loss of the hour always has a profound effect on me and my mental health.

I am hoping that this year the effects will be lessened by my sleep apnea therapy and CPAP machine. It will be a few weeks before I will know for sure, but I felt no so sleepy as before, and the only issue remains with my Seroquel, which I will be addressing on Monday.

I love the fact that we will be getting more sun every day, and the longer days help me be more productive with my freelance work, being a graduate student, and also my writing. I have proven that the time change means I am more active, but still, I’m not too fond of the feeling of losing an hour.

What are your experiences with dealing with the changing of time and losing an hour?

With that said, be careful about this time of year. It may seem minor at first, but the loss of a single hour can be profound on your mental health. Look for signs of oversleeping or the lack of sleep, as both can affect your mental health.

If you feel elevated mood (associated with the manic-depressive side of Bipolar specifically), then keep track of your mood. If you think you are in a low mood, know that the little things like getting up, taking a shower, and eating breakfast can go a long way with your depression. Going outside and soaking up the sun can also be so amazing.

What I am more worried about right now is my anxiety, in which the elevation has increased over the last few weeks. I have been combating the need to isolate (not because of the coronavirus) with going out and doing work. Writing in coffee shops and working with my clients. It has helped me stay steady, but my anxiety elevation is something I will watch for over the next few weeks. With that said, always stay strong in the fight!

Always Keep Fighting


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6 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship With Daylight Savings

  1. I am actually quite miffed about Daylight Savings being THIS WEEKEND. It just had to be right before my exams, and I already write my exams at an earlier time than everyone else. And now I lose an hour too. I’m not amused….

    Where I live in the western part of the western world (that’s a mouthful to say), it gets dark much later in comparison to other places thanks to Daylight Savings. In the summer, it will be 2200 and it will still be light outside. I get where you are coming from – it messes up my circadian rhythm too. I started taking melatonin drinks at night to try and combat the insomnia. When I need sun, I am stuck inside working. When I don’t need sun and am trying to sleep, it’s way too bright outside. The struggle is real. 😴🥱


  2. I feel ya on this one too. Even though it’s just an hour it affects those us who are sensitive and have mental health concerns. Good advice. My last therapist urged me to keep up my journaling. That’s my personal writing, my soul’s voice vs what I write here and in my poems. She calls that polished writing. I can definitely feel the difference.
    Thanks for this reminder my friend 👏😊

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