Guest Blog Post on The Bipolar Writer Blog

I was asked by a guest blogger to post this blog article on my site. As with all guest blog posts, as opposed to contributor bloggers, the content is not officially a part of The Bipolar Writer Blog. Today we have Aditya’s post. You can find the guest bloggers work here.

 Infinite Desires, Finite Satisfactions

From afar and nearby,

Wretched came in for charities,

Asking alms,

The mighty king, fulfilling all them desires.

The time limited,

Mercy unlimited,

In seven lands,

The word spread.

Wondering came a saint,

Wise, grey, exceptional,

Curious about the gathering,

All day held, until night bestowed stars.

Appealing alms, with king’s own palms,

Wishes granted, only to fill the saint’s vessel,

Instead with jewels, not grains,

Until it overflowed.

Jewels limited,

Capacity unlimited,

The vessel, 

Never reach to capacity.

What a dismay, 

The monarch exclaimed,

Wary, ne’er overtaken by grief,

Enquired, the make of vessel.

The material, 

Saint respectfully answered, 

A skull,

To a skeleton.

The bowl-o-skull,

An indication of infinite desires, 


A symbol of satisfaction- finite.


A pool of infinity.


A bucket-full of water.

Peep within, 

Not without.



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