My Demon Said To Me

Broken and alone
Chilled to the bone
Confused, spinning
From the chorus in my home
‘You’re not enough
You’re not enough
You can’t do it on your own’

I concede
I give in
Okay, I’ll listen
I must admit
I’ve come to love
The way the cold blade glistens

But when I close my eyes to go
Among those who
Took fate by the throat
Something whispers
Soft and slow

I tilt my head
To lean in to the muse
And my demon says
No one can hurt you

As long as I’m here…no one can hurt you.

9 thoughts on “My Demon Said To Me

    • Thank you. 💕 I’ve been through many many many nights, weeks, months, and years of suicidal ideation. I’ve even made a few attempts. But I’ve become stronger through it all. Especially once I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and could begin to understand WHY I feel the way that I do.


  1. Very beautiful; relating to this is sad, but also touching that this feeling isn’t foreign to others. Your writing is amazing. I’ll be coming back to check out some more of it!


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