A Re-do: 2020 for The Bipolar Writer

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

I am a firm believer that in this life we all get second, third, and even fourth chances in this life. Without the opportunity to start over after my suicide attempt in 2010, I would not be here writing this blog post in 2020.

January was not great for me, and going into February, my focus was on more on my writing projects and graduate school (which I am, as always, very committed to my schooling). As we come into March, I am feeling that my life is going to be tough, but I have a chance to make this year good even with everything I am going through in my personal life. It gives me a second chance to reboot my 2020. Maybe some new focus on mental health advocacy beyond this blog is just what I need.

I still remember where I got my start, on this blog,

What I want people that follow this blog is that sometimes we have to take chances. I could have decided to let the depression bring me to the worst places of my depression. I am, of course, always going to have days where things are bad, and I miss my mother every day. I am stronger now, and it was because of my mother. She would have wanted me to continue to grow.

One thing about this blog is that I want people to take my experiences and apply them to their lives. You might be dealing with a devastating loss like myself or going through some of the worst things in your life. There are two things you can do, let the depression or anxiety take over your life, or you find what makes it feel a little easier each day. Find a place for you to reboot your own life.

It could be a week, a month, and hopefully, not a year before you find the right place where the memories or what you are going through hurt less. There is always hope, and I genuinely believe in that philosophy that nothing lasts forever. You may surprise yourself how strong you are within your soul. People in the mental illness community are some of the strongest people in this life that I have had the privilege to be a part of in over the last few years.

If you ever need me you can find me here.

Always Keep Fighting


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