Regaining The Bipolar Writer Blog’s Former Glory

Somewhere last year, I lost my way. I was writing every day, and this blog, a safe place for others like myself to express themselves, took a backseat. It was not fair.

In 2018, the blog flourished. Part of it was writing all the time, almost every day. It gave the other writers on this blog a template to continue to share their stories. When I got busy in 2019 with publishing, writing, and school, I let things go. How could I hold my writers accountable to write a couple of pieces a month if I was not willing to do the same? In the prime of this blog, we had somewhere around eighty articles, amazingly written articles a month come through this blog. I was scheduling three blog posts on an average day.

I always envisioned this blog as a collaborative effort with people writing down their experiences and sharing it with the world. It was that way for a while. In 2019, things got complicated, and just when I was beginning to find my way back to this blog, my life fell apart.

Is This Blog Still Worth it?

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

I have my doubts. In March, this blog comes up for its yearly renewal. In a way, I want to stick it out and continue to advocate, but for this blog to work, I need all my writers that are a part of this thing we have created.

I can’t do it on my own. So I am reaching out because I hope that some of my fellow writers will come back. This weekend I will be going through and seeing who has been writing and who has not. I hope that some people will reach out and want to become a part of this fantastic thing. If I get enough people on board, I will keep the blog going for another year and reassess this time next year. If you would like to write for The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog, please reach out at, or my contact me through the website.

I hope this is not the end. I feel this blog could help so many people.

Always Keep Fighting


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9 thoughts on “Regaining The Bipolar Writer Blog’s Former Glory

  1. I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve had my own struggles that required more of my time. I would like to keep writing for the blog but I’m not sure if I can always make it twice a month like I was before. I also want to grow my own blog. We can always discuss this further. If you decide to keep the blog, I’m willing to help out. I hope others are willing as well.

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  2. Hi James, what type of writers are you looking for. I specifically write on my experiences with PTSD from a first responders perspective. If you are interested and let me know what type of content your looking for, I might be able to send you a couple articles per month. Hope all is going well for you.

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