Lessons In the Writing Game

I have been quiet about the recent experiences in publishing my memoir, The Bipolar Writer. First, I know this life, and what comes with it, is hard to deal with people. You never honestly know if you are being taken advantage of or if things are just the way that they are because life does not always go your way.

Things happen I get that, and I harbor no ill will for the current predicament that I find myself now. I want to say if you bought my memoir The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir, thank your patronage. Right now, my book is no longer available due to the closing of my publisher. For a few weeks that my book was available to purchase, it felt good to be an author. I got a taste of the author’s life. Know I am working on republishing my memoir, and perhaps there is an opportunity to better a product that made my mom proud. At least she got to see me published. Ultimately though, my book is in limbo.

What is next, I have some ideas and this time I will get it right.

What hurts the most is that I was right there, a published author who went through the process the way it is supposed to be.

I let the health of my mom and the fact that mentally I had moved on to other projects believing that now that my work is out there, it meant that things would change. I chose an indie publisher because it was what worked for my book. It was a way for my dream to become a reality. Then everything in my life came crashing down at the same time. I lost my mom, my publisher, and the outlet for my book all in December. It sucked, and it almost destroyed me if I am honest.

I learned a lot about the publishing side of writing. I get it why authors get so frustrated when they get to their dreams only to find roadblocks. Not all is lost. There are options for me, but there is a part of me that believes what I am trying to attempt, share my experiences, and end the stigma of mental health is all for not. I feel a bit defeated, having been through edits, book designs, formatting, and everything, only to see my book with my ideas go by the wayside.

If you have any sage wisdom, please share. I could use it right now. With that, I thank you for spending a small amount of time with me. I hope to have some positive things in the coming weeks.

Always Keep Fighting

James Edgar Skye

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15 thoughts on “Lessons In the Writing Game

  1. I don’t have any advice for you my fellow writing friend. Life is full of lessons however. The hardest ones teach is the most I believe. I self published my 1st book of poetry because I couldn’t afford to pay a publishing company for it. I don’t write for recognition or for money, I write to share my experiences. My two big dreams in life were to dance on Broadway and be a writer. I realized the second.
    Keep writing my friend because you have a beautiful talent in it. For me, it helps me process the world of emotions surrounding me. As a sensitive intuitive empath, I used to view this life as one giant curse. Now I see it as a superpower. A little shift in perspective makes all the difference 😉
    I am happy ypu are back!!

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  2. I am so sorry this is all happening to you. You do not deserve it. I know that things will start looking up. You published your memoir. That is so inspirational. You will get it republished again. Trust that. Wishing you all the best.


  3. I want you to know, no matter whether or not you are a spiritually-minded person, that all of these roadblocks are but stepping stones to your destiny of sharing your voice with those who so desperately need to hear it. I am by no means placating you. I too have been frustrated by seemingly never-ending setbacks. Somewhere in the midst of it all, I stopped looking at them as setbacks and instead saw them as stepping stones. That doesn’t mean I don’t stub my toe and curse them once in a while because, well, HUMAN! So I am telling you without any doubt, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Everything is going to be alright. I’m very sorry about the loss of your mother. Just know that now she is watching over you and guiding your steps. I look forward to following your success. Hang in there!You are never alone.

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