J.E. Skye: Taking Mental Health Advocacy to the Next level

It has been a mixed bag lately. I have been coming up with so many ideas for taking my mental health advocacy to the next level. I have been so busy with my writing, being a graduate student, and working to pay my bills with my freelance ghostwriting and editing business. With all these things and little free time, it has given me a small amount of time to start putting ideas into action. (Side note: There is a fantastic project that I am ghostwriting that I want to share some time in the future. I am working with a local artist to write this unbelievable, non-fiction story. That is all I will say about the project at this moment.)

It also made it harder the way 2019 ended for me, and how I was working through dealing with the death of my mother. I am going through the stages of grief in my own way, but that is for another post. There were plans set in motion in November of last year to begin the stages of a new non-fiction book. I am a writer. It does not matter about writing fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, or poetry, I go where my mind takes me to the next projects. It could be a novel or the short stories that I am writing in my current graduate courses. It is all relevant, as long as I am writing, life moves forward.

I consider myself a teller of stories, and to me, the greatest stories are those who have lived the mental illness life and have their story to tell. The idea is a simple one. A book I write sharing the stories of those in the community that are unable to share their stories. In a similar way that I did with my memoir. (Second Side Note: There is an issue that I am working on with my memoir, which is moving my book to a new publisher. I am trying to be diplomatic, so I won’t go into details other than I am already in talks with a better publisher. Somewhere on the other side, I will explain what happened.)

I know a couple of people so far are on board with this project, and this week I will be working on interview questions. The idea, and it came from my current freelance project, where I can interview people in person. It is a grandiose idea, I know it, but it is something that can be a reality if things fall into place.

My first question would be, if this project would interest any of my followers? It will take some time to put everything together, and it hinges on a lot of things going right in the coming months, but if it not a viable project that gains interest then I have to move on. So, with this post, I am turning to the community to find out your thoughts.

Leave me comments below about your thoughts or any questions that you might have on this project. Think “People of New York” but a focus on the mental health community and their stories.

Mental health advocacy is so important to me, and I have lost part of the mission in 2019, and to be honest this entire year, even in February. I want to be involved again, and a part of the conversation. It is important to me because it was this site, The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Blog, that I found myself as a writer and advocate. Please let me know if there is anything you need and never feel you that because of what happened in my life recently means you don’t reach out. I am always here to talk or whatever you need from James. Stay safe out there, my friends.

Always Keep Fighting


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7 thoughts on “J.E. Skye: Taking Mental Health Advocacy to the Next level

  1. Yay for passion projects! Your short stories taken from interviews sounds like it will be an amazing read. Reminds me of one of my very favorite podcasts, Beautiful anonymous. Keep is posted!

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