The Bipolar Writers Next Big Idea!

I have been thinking a lot since finishing my memoir. Telling my story has changed everything for me. When I found our my memoir was officially published, it was as if a weight lifted from my mind and shoulders. My story is out there, and even it only helps one person, it will be worth it in the end.

I had this idea when I started this blog of sharing the stories of others, and I did that to an extent here. I want to do so much more than what I did in these interviews. I want to write a book where I interview members of the mental illness community and then write their stories into one book. I don’t plan on making money on this project. Instead, I want to use the money that would be made to continue to share the experiences of others beyond this blog.

It is a significant idea, and I am working on the logistics of such a project. For now, I am reaching out to the community to see if anyone would be interested. I will compile a list of interested people and see where that takes me. If you’re interested, please email me from my contact page with your email and first/ last name or a pseudonym you would like to use.

I look forward to hearing from the mental illness community on this idea.

Always Keep Fighting

P.S. If you have time, please purchase my book. You can find it on Amazon by looking up my pen name James Edgar Skye. The name of the book is The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir. It is available in print and Kindle edition. Thank you for your support. I will also link my Amazon page below.

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6 thoughts on “The Bipolar Writers Next Big Idea!

  1. The need to communicate who we are is so strong. I, like you always feel relieved when Iโ€™ve managed to convey my thoughts and emotions succinctly. I am sure it would be a massive relief to get your life story out there and very motivating as well. Now that you have ejected all of that – you can concentrate on whatโ€™s next. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing where you go next. I will check out your book.


  2. I like the idea of interviewing other people who have a mental illness. That sounds like something Iโ€™d like to read. Would you interview someone with any mental illness or would you focus on bipolar?

    Gonna get your book soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have it on my list on to gets.


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