Is Sleep the Answer

I have been putting off talking about my sleep apnea and getting my machine that helps with the apnea until I am a few weeks into the new adventure. Sleep has always been a significant issue in my life. While there are so many positive benefits to having a CPAP machine, I wanted to see if after a few weeks in if there were some real changes to my sleep habits. I have to say, this time around, I am having a much easier time adjusting to the CPAP machine. My past experience two years ago was not great, and I was skeptical that things could change. I am happy to say that I was wrong.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or (CPAP) is a type of sleep therapy to treat sleep apnea. As I stated in my previous blog posts, my sleep apnea is considered very severe to a point that was stopping breathing at 30 minutes to every hour, and sometimes more. This was resulting in me getting zero rem cycle sleep. That is all bad.

So, I got my CPAP machine, and officially I have been using it for a month. While it is not an overnight fix, I still struggle a bit staying asleep, but it has been beneficial in me getting real sleep, which is everything to me.

The dark circles that have been a staple part of who I am are fading away, which makes me believe that my sleep is improving. There is an app for my machine. The app focuses on how many hours I use the sleep therapy, how much air leaks per night, how many times I take the mask off, and the most important, how many times I stop breathing per hour. The amazing thing is in my second sleep study, they found the right air pressure that gives me the best chance to get to rim sleep. Even better, the machines now are really advanced with better dehumidifiers, and it starts me out on low pressure. As I gradually fall asleep, it ramps up the pressure. This very important because my air pressure peak is very high (it starts out at a four and ramps up to 15).

I see my sleep doctor early November, and I will find out just how effective it has been, but I have less than one episode an hour of stoppage of breathing, and I am waking up feeling better than when I was not on the sleep therapy. It, like anything in this life, is a process. I hope that more sleep will lead to fewer depressive episodes and less anxiety. My anxiety is my biggest issue next to sleep.

So, I am hopeful. I am staying on it and not giving up this time on sleep therapy. I still have some mask issues, but it is not so bad this time around. I hope that things get better by the end of the year. I will be writing a post about my doctor’s visit and just how effective sleep therapy really has been when they look at the chip in my machine.

If you have sleep apnea please share your stories below.

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