What is Next for The Bipolar Writer

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I got the final concept of the cover of The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir, and it looks fantastic.

For those that don’t know, I have been working over the last two years to become a published author. I am about to achieve my dream! Which feels amazing!

I have always wanted to do more outside of my writing. This year I have written a 210K fantasy fiction novel that is in the second round of editing. I also wrote a 35K novella that I am self-publishing to give as a tier on my Patreon. My dream would be to write full-time and maybe teach once I finish my master’s program if I decide not to go for my Ph.D., which is a possibility.

I don’t want my time as a mental health advocate to stop at just my memoir or even this blog. I have been looking at expanding my advocacy with a podcast. I still have to deal with my issues with my panic disorder and social anxiety, but it is possible.

The other idea that I have comes from this blog. I, for a while, was writing the stories of others and sharing them on this blog. I was thinking of a new book idea and sharing the stories of those who can’t write their thoughts and experiences. I have experience writing my memoir, and I loved sharing the stories of others. I have inquired with a few of my past interviewees, and they think the idea is a good idea.

I wanted to know your thoughts on this idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Always Keep Fighting


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20 thoughts on “What is Next for The Bipolar Writer

  1. James congrats on all your success. I can offer 2 specific things here:

    1. I would encourage you to branch out to other media, specifically video. The future of consuming content seems to be video based. That said I think interviews would be great, you can do that with an Iphone.

    2. Targeted subject matter: People who are aging, veterans, abuse survivors. You can do a series on each category to expand your body of work.

    Good luck !


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I hope I get the opportunity to read your book. I am looking forward to writing one too. Bipolar disorder is something I live with as well.


  3. Those sound like great ideas. I think you would do great at a podcast. You could try doing one alone before branching out and growing it further. This might reduce your anxiety.


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