Celebrating The Bipolar Writer Blog Two Year Anniversary

I never thought that on this day two years ago, The Bipolar Writer Blog would take off and become what it has been over these two years.

Alongside my contributor writers, we have done amazing things to help spread our stories of the struggle that is living with a mental illness. We have done a fantastic job at spreading the word and working towards ending the stigma through understanding and shared experiences.
This blog has been an amazing journey. The things that I have shared here gave me the courage to write my memoir, which I found out today is done with formatting (it looks incredible). My publisher is waiting for the cover artist to finish and I moved closer to publishing my first book–which seemed impossible before I started this blog.

Thank you for inspiring me over these last two years to find myself as a writer, blogger, college student, and above all, be in the right place with my mental illness to share my experiences. It has never been easy, but with your help, I have continued to grow. Things will always be going up as things continue to grow within this blog.

This blog became a safe place for all those who want to share their mental illness journey with the world. I would not change anything we have done here with over 1,100 blog posts in two years we have done something pretty amazing here.

What an amazing two years!

Always Keep Fighting


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Author: James Edgar Skye

I am a fiction and nonfiction novelist, screenwriter, short stories, novellas, and blogger. I published my memoir, "The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir," now available on Amazon. I also write articles on this blog. My author website is www.jamesedgarskye.me. In 2021, I am going legit with my ghostwriting business, "The Bipolar Writer Ghostwriting Services." I also have a podcast anywhere you can find podcasts, just search for The Bipolar Writer Podcast.

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