No Longer Hiding my Emotions

Over the years I’ve become extremely good at hiding my emotions from others.

I grew up with the belief that sadness & tears made me weak so I did my best to never cry in front of people.

I believed that my problems didn’t matter because out there in the world there was someone else with bigger problems than mine.

I believed that people wouldn’t care about what I was going through or that I would be considered a burden.

These beliefs have stayed with me up until this very day. While I’ve gotten more & more comfortable sharing my emotions & problems with others, it’s still something I struggle with today.

This has probably been one of the most difficult habits for myself to break because it’s become natural for me to just hide my emotions & bottle them up never sharing with anyone.

My entire life I’ve done my best to remain strong through all the difficult situations I faced up until now. I didn’t let others see or know the true pain I was in. There were periods where I would spend many nights crying myself to sleep at night. I didn’t want to dump my own problems on anyone else because I didn’t want to be a burden. I ended up not only carrying my own weight of problems, but the weight of those closest to me as well. I put off working through & healing my own issues, to help the ones I loved most.

It’s taken me up until now to realize that it’s important to take care of our own selves first. I neglected my own healing & stuffed my emotions deep down inside of me. In order to be of service & help to others in our lives, we must heal ourselves from within as well.

Because of the difficulties & pain I’ve faced, I never want others to feel alone or feel like they’re a burden. I am here for anyone and can be that shoulder for you to cry on. Never feel like you are a burden to others or that your problems don’t matter because they do! No matter how big or small the problem you’re faced with, it still matters.

13 thoughts on “No Longer Hiding my Emotions

  1. Stay strong my friend, and above all else positive ❤️ no matter the pain you have endured, your still a human being. Thanks for sharing and posting 👍🙏.


  2. I could relate to this at several degrees. I used to bottle up my emotions to myself and then someday have an outburst. I soon realised that suppressing is absolutely not the right option and so, gradually I began to share with people (closest ones for sure) and felt much lighter.

    Do visit my blog on mental health awareness. support me on my path


  3. Such a good read and completely relatable, not only do I feel like I’m being a burden but I also feel like my feelings are not significant enough.
    Do check out my blog as well if you like, I’m new to this 🙂


  4. People always say that there are others with bigger problems i.e when it is not THEIR problem they are talking about. Compared to , everyone’s suffering may seem small but that doesn’t make it insignificant You have the right to talk about it. If a person has cough and cold, does it mean that he is not allowed to say he is miserable because he should be greatful it’s not Cancer?
    Talking or rather sermonising is always easy.


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