How to succeed with your recovery

no matter what I do I always feel somewhat helpless. So how do you get through it? I don’t really get through it easily or super healthy. You see I tend to scream and yell a lot. I don’t like how I deal with things. If you wanted to know how to deal with things healthily talk to your therapist. If you don’t have one here are a few suggestions.

One talk things out don’t get frustrated if the person you want to listen doesn’t. You may have given them burn out. You don’t need to worry they will come back to help you. The person that you talk to cares about you a lot. They don’t want you to get hurt or commit suicide.

Two go to a/your therapist regularly. Don’t miss appointments or skip them because you don’t want to go. Your therapist is there to help you. You can’t be missing appointments if you want to get better. There is no way you’re going to get better if you don’t go see a therapist.

Three your doctor. Go and see him or her when you need to. Don’t just go when you feel like it. Your doctor is there to give you medications that are there to help you. Don’t come up with excuses to not go because you’re entire world is dependent on the medications for as long as you need them. Don’t make it or get it to a point where you can never go to any of your appointments with your doctor.

Four your family is going to be the biggest piece of your recovery. Yes some people have horrible families. Although I know that some of you have truly great families. so for those of you that do have great families use their help for as long as you can. They are there for you. My family wasn’t really there for me when i was growing up and they really aren’t now either. although my fiancee’s family has been there for me for the past four years.

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