All Good Things Come to an End

The End of the Road?

I started this blog in September of 2017, for a class on how to sell yourself as a writer.

Creating a blog, as any blogger can attest to, is the hardest thing you can do. I never thought in a million years that this would reach so many people. When I made the jump to making The Bipolar Writer blog a collaborative one, it opened up for so many people to bloggers who are trying their best to live their lives with a mental illness, and still, write about their experiences.

2018 was a fantastic year, but for the blog which saw substantial growth on a hard platform to keep going. We reached so many people last year I came into the year hopeful that we could take this blog to the next level. We have been, as a blog, steadily decreasing since January 2019 in people coming to the blog. I think it is a lot of things. Blogging is in part dying out as viewers are turning to video blogs and those who do both. WordPress to me is dying out and we can see that just by looking at the raw numbers.

I have been thinking about the future. I have so much going on as a graduate student and as a writer that blogging is not fun for me anymore. Maybe it is time for me to move on, find a new platform. I have, for the most part, failed to launch my Patreon account though I will still continue to do so in hopes of having that be my next platform. Though I never thought about video blogging, it seems that is the future, and thus I will be making the change soon.

What Does This Mean for the Blog

I will keep it going at least until the end when the domain name needs to be renewed for another year, that is in March of 2020. I will most likely not be adding any more contributors because I am not sure if there is an audience anymore for this platform. Maybe the next few months will change my mind, but I feel that moving on to bigger and better things in the cards for me. I might just keep the blog going for the sake of those who come to the site looking for answers. I still want people to come to this site and find hope among the stories of others.

The Future

The future of James is interesting. I have a book that will be published soon and I plan on using the platform Patreon to sell my book. I think for me that is where my life is taking me and we shall see what that means. In the coming weeks I will talk about my book and more about my own future.

Always Keep Fighting


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20 thoughts on “All Good Things Come to an End

  1. Best of Luck James, your blog here has been a great source for me I appreciate it. As someone who has started over a few times in life, I’ve always believed that clean breaks were the best. It freed my mind to focus on what was in front of me, instead of using mental resources looking back. Everyone is different… Again best of luck with whatever you pursue.


  2. This is the first mental health blog I have ever come across (and I badly needed it that time), and for the first time I connected to other people of the mental health community, heard their stories, related, interacted… I can’t tell you all how helpful this has been for me (and my friends). I have been going through a rough patch since the beginning of this year, have been extremely inactive blogger and reader. It’s a bit saddening to come back to read and the first thing that catches my eyes is this news. All the best James, wish you all success at whatever you decide to do in future ❤ And I sincerely hope, this blog will at least be there with the contents, for us to come back and read them (because I know for sure, a lot of us will need to come back and read time and again). I mean there are so many inactive blogs online, this can be there too, right? :/


  3. It’s sad ,really sad to see you’s just 3 days back that I mailed u for I wanted to contribute to your blog and then I get to see this post. Hope you change ur mind and retain this blog.


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