A Note to Contributors

I will admit that my last semester, which in the end, I was up to my usual standards, really kicked my ass.

Here on The Bipolar Writer blog, I have let things slide, and I am writing to my contributors in hopes to do some house cleaning this week that I am off before I start my next semester. I have been missing a lot of things because I am barely on or have time to write a blog post. I am either writing or working on my school work. I will try and be more on keeping things tidier here on the blog. Here are some things that I would like to clean up my fellow contributors.

  1. Issues with leaving posts in drafts: I understand that sometimes you start to write a blog post, and you lose your thought you think, “I will come back later.” Maybe you scrap the idea, and I understand, but too many drafts from people dating back to May. From here on out if a post is in the drafts for more than two weeks, it will be deleted. I don’t have time always to be going to drafts to check to see if you’re ready to post. Not all contributors can post, so I need to spend less time looking through posts.
  2. If your post is ready to publish, please give 2-3 days minimum and max between when you’re going to publish. If you’re a contributor that can’t post their own, please put your post into a pending review, so I know its ready to be published.
  3. Please put at least one picture in the “set feature image” section of the document. Most are doing a great job, but I like the site to be clean, and when you fail to put a picture in that section, it will show up as blank on the website.
  4. Two Post a Month minimum, I understand we all have busy schedules, but I get people every day asking to contribute, and I need to make room. If you have not posted since May and don’t schedule a post at least one post by the end the week, I will be deleting you. I am all for writing more than two posts, but in four weeks it is not a lot to ask for two posts, and it was a requirement when I added you. Many people want to share their stories here on the blog.

I ask these things to make it easier and for the flow of the website to be flawless so that people can get to know us in a fashionable order. If needed I will change schedule times for blog posts (only if needed when too many people schedule on a single day.) I want this blog to be a place where we can share our stories and there is a real possibility that I will be walking away in January, so I am hoping to find someone that is willing to take over!

If for any reason you can’t contribute, like your mental health or personal reasons, please just email me so I know where your at, I understand the struggle is real! Much love.

Always Keep Fighting


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