Zombie Walking Though Life

There is some truth to the fact that depression can make you feel as if your zombie walking through life. Waiting to get past the latest depression cycle and back to happier times is perhaps one of the great struggles of my life. You’re alive, and that is all right, but you can feel incredibly lost in all the negativity, and it puts you in a mood–a zombie mood.

I have felt like I am just walking through my days trying to find a way to survive this zombie-like feeling. I have been through the wringer lately. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and manic episodes are just some of what is my life at the moment. Not to mention, my lack of sleep is really affecting me.

I miss the happier days, and I am so busy lately that it is like life is passing me by again. I wake up worrying about the next thing, and I go to sleep in the same manner. I know things get better. Depression is not forever, and I am on some new medication that will hopefully be the bridge that needs to move forward with getting my depression back under control.

I always talk about “always keep fighting” something I took from the Jared Padalecki’s campaign, someone who has had his own struggles with depression, and AKF is more than just an idea. It is the life that so many of us live. So yes, I am going through this mental illness life like a zombie at the moment, but I will always keep fighting because it is the right thing to do.

Always Keep Fighting


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7 thoughts on “Zombie Walking Though Life

  1. Keep on fighting! I always try to focus on the fact that things will eventually get better. It’s tough when your life feels like it’s been in shambles for so long.


  2. Oh man, I totally identify with that feeling — walking through the day like a zombie. When the depression returns it isn’t fun. But yes, keep on fighting. Each time I get a little better at using the coping techniques my therapist has taught me. I am also getting better at identifying the PTSD triggers so they don’t catch me by surprise. I appreciate your blog. It is good to know there are others out there who understand.


  3. I completely identify and relate. There are seasons where it feels I break out of zombie mode for a little while but end up back there. Great analogy and message. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone on this fight ❤


  4. One thing that’s helped me is acceptance and mindfulness. I used to fight the waves of depression, but when they come back, I try to take it easier and let myself rest. I find that I recover better. And when better times come, I try to enjoy it instead of questioning when I’m going to “crash” again. If it helps, you’re not alone in this fight! This too shall pass.


  5. Zombie walking. There are some years of my life that I cannot remember. My mental illness reared its head when I was in class 12 (That is last year of high school) and I cannot remember a single word of what I studied or did in that year. It definitely feels like that person was not me.


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