Spiraling Choices

Choices. Everyday we are faced with choices. Most of the time they are little and we think nothing of them. Other times they are significant and we can think of nothing else. How do you make the significant choice?

There are so many factors that it starts to become incomprehensible. In my mind I will see the choices. Then the possible outcome of each choice. Then the possible outcome of each outcome. It just keeps going. Eventually, I get so lost in it all that I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I can’t even find my way back to that original thought!

So how do we make significant choices? Who do we factor into the choice? What factors do we consider when considering who we factor in? Once again it feels like a thought that is spiraling out of control.

This is my current mind set. It feels like the thoughts are spiraling.

4 thoughts on “Spiraling Choices

  1. I sometimes find a compromise can work for all concerned; ie: I choose to go with this at times appropriate for me… Right now, I’m faced with the choice of: “Should I go completely vegan or not? I find if I do, I get lite headed all the time, which it’s said would pass in 6 months. However, I’ve lost a lot of weight and it could get dangerous for me. So, I relocate myself to an egg or two with breakfast, and that seems to do the trick. I can now reap benifits from both worlds.


  2. I have to limit the considerations I factor into decision making, otherwise I’d be paralyzed as you seem to be. In my recovery fro addiction, I’ve learned that I don’t control the outcome. There are too many variables that are out of my control. So I accept that and base decisions on what is the right thing for me to do right now. What am I comfortable with?If everything went wrong and I was asked to justify my decision later, which one would I be OK ‘fessing up to? I’ve also had to learn (and I still struggle with this) that most decisions aren’t life or death, and that it’s OK to make mistakes. Sometimes, I just pull the trigger and see what happens. At any rate, doing something is usually better than doing nothing, so at some point I force myself to choose and act, with the knowledge that I can clean up the mess later if it turns out to be wrong.


  3. We have a choice. I have a choice and I can change it. A choice is not final. Acknowledging that my choice is not final and that I can make mistakes has helped me make choices independently. Prior to, I was indecisive and needed parental guidance as I could not face and feared doing something wrong. I love it – that I can change my mind and that is completely okay.


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