The Future of the Bipolar Writer Blog

We, and I mean my collaborators and myself, have turned The Bipolar Writer blog into something amazing. A place where people can come together and share their mental illness experiences in a safe place.

I never intended for this blog to reach so many amazing people, and I think back to when I started this thing, 12,200 followers would have been the ideal dream, and yet here we are still growing, and I could not be more proud of everyone that is a part of this amazing journey. Like all good things, eventually, this blog will find its end, just not right now.

I know it is in the future, but I wanted to tell people now that this blog will most likely have an end date as I move towards blogging more on Patreon than on WordPress. This account will be up in February 2020, and I will be either selling the blog off, as I have gotten offers in the past, or move it over to a single blog about my writing and mental health on Patreon.

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This blog means the world to me, and the other option I am looking at is finding an administrator willing to continue what we have built, and I step away only writing one or two posts a month. I am balancing a lot lately. For those that don’t know, I am a graduate student working on my MFA in Creative Writing and English. I am writing full-time (Rise of the Nephilim officially became the first draft instead of a work-in-progress this week) and, of course, I have my freelance writing that takes up time. I want to focus on my writing and school from here on out, and Patreon is my way of doing blogging, writing, and school without worrying about making sure everything is perfect here. There are not enough hours in the day.

I have time maybe four or five times a month to blog. My focus, though a frustrating process, has been growing my Patreon account. I think once I get an official publishing date for The Bipolar Writer Memoir and some physical and digital copies I can offer more on my Patreon like my memoir, it will be easier to get people to join me on my Patreon journey.

This blog means the world to me and I want to continue to allow my contributors to call this place home, even if it is without me.

It was you my fellow bloggers that gave me the courage to start this blog, and I could not have done it without you. So, if it means this blog continues without me, I am okay with that, but know that at the end of the year, my content will be shifting to deal with the changing times. Patreon gives me the chance to do great things with my writing, allowing me to add new things like a podcast and videos. I hope that you will become a part of this new great thing in my life.

With that said, stat strong in the fight.

Always Keep Fighting


Become a Patron!

The process is a simple one, just click the link above and sign up with Patreon, it is free, and subscribe to one of my tiers which the lowest one is just $2. You can help a struggling writer continue to do what he does best–writing. If you have questions feel free to ask!

9 thoughts on “The Future of the Bipolar Writer Blog

  1. I think your idea about finding an administrator is a good one. I considered scrapping my blog and making a collaborative one, but I worried it would take up too much time. Blogging is time consuming. Your blog is too wonderful to scrap altogether. If you have a buyer that is a great option too. Your writing progress makes me feel lazy about my own. LOL! I’m so happy your memoir is being published and that you already have another draft for a science fiction story. That is immense!


  2. I think its a great idea to branch out into alternatives that allow you to expand your media offerings. You have a lot going on, sometimes you have to give something up that you love to find, something else that you love.


  3. I can relate. I plan to step away from contributing and focus on my own projects later this fall. I love the community this blog has, but I want to continue to build my own blog and focus on my fiction writing. I do hope you find someone who will take over the blog. I don’t want this community to go away. People need to see they are not alone in their struggles. Good luck with all your endeavors and good luck finding ways to keep this blog alive.


  4. Sorry to hear that James but I know how it is I worked on and ran a website for over a year and a half but had to let it go do too uncontrollable cercomstances in my life, even throw it was a lot of work I still miss it.



  5. You have not created a website – you have created a haven for the people who are nowhere else to go. Living with a mental illness is something only fellow sufferers understand. I spent a major part of my life being ignored and made fun of because of my illness. With the development of internet I found blogs like these which made me feel I am not alone.

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