How Living a Healthier Lifestyle Saved My Life

Three years ago I made a decision that changed my life for the better. I was 80 pounds overweight, extremely depressed, and was struggling to stay alive. I had hit a low point with my depression and anxiety where I had stopped caring about myself that I allowed to let myself go. Food had become my best friend causing me to gain so much weight back then.

Three years ago was when I had my wake up call. I remember that moment when I worked up the courage to step on the scale for the first time in over a year, I knew deep down I was gaining weight, I just didn’t want to acknowledge it. When I saw that number on the scale, tears immediately filled my eyes. I began to feel embarrassed and upset with myself. I was upset that I had allowed myself to do that to myself. I was ashamed of what had happened. It was that day when I made the decision to get my life back on track.

I was living in such a haze, going through the motions day after day I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. I had stopped loving myself and it was taking a toll on my mental and physical health.

I wasn’t taking medication either at the time and made an appointment with a psychiatrist to get started on medication again. That was when I received the correct diagnosis of Bipolar II disorder and got put on proper medication that has helped my recovery process.

Along with getting back on medication, I changed my diet and added exercise into my routine. I was eating a lot of fast food (mainly Taco Bell) and a lot of junk food. I wasn’t eating any natural whole foods and was only putting junk into my body.

I started with cutting out the fast food first, then the junk food, and replaced those with natural whole foods. I did it in a slow transition so it helped me build that habit to create a healthier diet.

I then started to exercise three to four days a week. I would either go to the gym or I would go on a run in my neighborhood. Every week I started to increase the length of time I would spend exercising to build my strength and stamina up again. About three weeks into my lifestyle change was when I started to notice the positive changes it was bringing me. I was feeling happier again, I wasn’t as anxious anymore, I had more energy, and I was starting to feel alive again. It made me realize that it wasn’t only helping me physically, but mentally as well.

By staying consistent with my exercise routine I was building up my strength and was starting to lose the weight I had gained. With the new medication I was on and my new lifestyle was helping my mental health immensely.

I truly believe that it was because of fitness that helped save my life. Three years ago I was at my lowest point. Everyday was a fight for me to stay alive. I was struggling with the negative thoughts everyday and wanted to give up so bad. When I had that wake up call and made the choice to change my lifestyle is what brought me back to life again.

Exercise has become a non-negotiable part of my lifestyle now. It’s become a part of my healing and recovery for mental health. With taking medication, exercise, and eating healthier all helped save my life and got me onto a better path.

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32 thoughts on “How Living a Healthier Lifestyle Saved My Life

  1. Exercise has been vital to my mental health as well. I feel lazy and terrible when I don’t exercise. I still go through depressions, but I know exercise keeps most of those demons at bay. Running is my exercise of choice.

    I enjoyed your post! You are an excellent writer.


    • I feel the same if I don’t exercise either and it definitely helps. I’m glad you found what works for you! Thank you!!


  2. I have major depression and find that junk food makes my mood worse. Been eating 85% healthy, clean food cooked at home and I’ve lost 14 lbs in 2 months since my major depressive episode. Whenever I think about eating junk food, I try to picture a dumpster. We can’t fuel our bodies and minds with garbage very well. Our bodies deserve respect, and to be treated like a temple ❤️


      • It was the depression that led me to change my diet because of how crappy I felt. Also, the antidepressant I take sorta acts like an appetite suppressant. The dieting was initially unintentional, but I’m starting to take care of my health now where before I wasn’t. I follow an anti-inflammatory diet specifically.


      • It’s amazing how cutting out the junk really helps beat the depression! So glad you found a diet that works for you!


  3. So great to hear your story and the positive benefits of nutrition & exercise to your life. It is really great that you mention the steps that help it be a success. Slowly making the transition switching one bad food for another good food. The other step, the gradual increase on your training regime. It is this step by step approach that makes it so easier and also so sustainable for the long term. Really happy to have read your post. Bravo!


  4. Thank you so much for your sharing your wellness journey, this was so touching and I wish you the best on your continuous journey for a healthy lifestyle.


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