A Milestone for my Memoir

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I have shared that I found a publisher for my book, and that I now have an editor that working towards getting my manuscript ready to publish.

As of today, I have gone through all the changes of the first edit and made some changes of my own. I believe this is the best the memoir has been since the beginning. I sent back the updates, and I look forward to moving closer to publication. For those that have followed my blog for some time, you know that my memoir has been over two years in the making, and to finally have a publisher has been the best feeling in the world.

When it goes to publication, I will offering the book on a tier of my Patreon account. It will be great to finally share my entire story, at least so far.

Update of Other Writing Projects

I also wanted to use this blog post to update my writing projects are at various levels of completion.

The Rise of the Nephilim

The Rise of the Nephilim is the first book of a series that I am starting in the fantasy fiction genre. I am really excited to be way ahead of schedule with a 60K word count in May. I was supposed to start it this week, but at the turn of a new month I was already ready to start writing, and it caught like wildfire. I plan on finishing the first draft by August, which would be way ahead of schedule. There is still so much to write! I am excited about it, and after I edit the prologue, I will be offering it on a tier of my Patreon account.

Angel on the Ward

It has been about a month since I finished the first draft of my novella entitled Angel on the Ward. This was the first piece I wrote in the third-person omniscient but with a single POV. I already have a copy editor ready to look at this piece, and what I need now is the money. It always seems to work itself out, but right now, this project is in the editing phase. The hope is to use this short novella to help boost my Patreon account so that I can continue to grow a following.

Memory of Shane

Perhaps the most frustrating this is that I have a fantastic screenplay (totally my opinion) and I can’t find an agent. No agency takes unsolicited material, so I am stuck trying to go a different rout–look for a producer that will be interested in my screenplay and to enter screenplay competitions. If you know anyone in the business (Hollywood), please let me know, I want to get my screenplay out there in the world. I will be completing the first draft of the novel this year.

That is my update. I plan on writing a lot of blog posts the rest of the week so that I can make sure that things pick up on this blog.

Always Keep Fighting


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