Healing Power of Kittens

Lately I’ve been in a rough patch. Things with my partner have not been great. The stress of it has been suffocating. About two weeks ago, when the arguing was the worst, I hit the point where I wanted to kill myself. A feeling I haven’t had in years.

Obviously I didn’t since I’m here writing. I had an emergency appt with my therapist, it helped some. What keeps me going is my children. They need me and I can’t abandon them. Even when I am at my worst, at least I am still here.

So I made a decision on Monday that I was going to catch the kittens in my neighbors garage. So now I have 4 kittens I need to take care of and find homes for. I also caught their mama and took her to the Trap Neuter and Release program.

There are two boys Chewy & Parker. Two girls Meera & Mrs. Harvey. Chewy was first, he is black and white. His tiny nose is black and he has a patch of fur that looks like a flame. He is a cautious adventure. Then came Meera, she is white with the black and grey tabby stripes. She is sort of shy but she curled right up to our old man dog Dan when we put her next to him. Third was Peter Parker, so Parker. When we put him in the crate he climbed the side of it and hung on for dear life. Something is up with his eyes, so we will need to watch him carefully.

Last came Mrs. Harvey. She was a suprise. I thought there were only three kittens. But I set the trap again just to be on the safe aide. As I sat out back next to the fire pit I hear the sound of frantic cat crying. So then there were four. Mrs. Harvey was my music teacher for most of my life. She believed in me when I didn’t. Made me sing when I was scared. Listened when I needed her to. She saved me more than she ever knew. She was stubborn, cranky, and a bitch! When you got to know her she wasn’t as bad, she was kind. But she was still a bitch when needed.

It started with “What are the names of the witches in Hocus Pocus?” When Donna told me them and came to Winnifred, that was it. Winnifred Harvey. Mrs. Harvey. I do not think I will be finding Mrs. Harvey a new home.

When I catch them I feel good. It makes me happy and sad. Happy I can take the adults to be neutered and prevent cat over population. Happy that I can give kittens a temporary home. That I can socialize them with children and other animals. It makes me happy to clean then up and care for them. I have a hard time feeling happiness. This is a happy sad. The kind where you are so happy you could cry, happy I can love them but sad I will have to let them go.

7 thoughts on “Healing Power of Kittens

  1. You deserve all the happiness in the world, I am sorry you felt like killing yourself I now how it feels cause i have there a thousand times its so hard but we have to be strong there are people that needs us and these cats also need i also have a kitten its been a month and I feel like she is my depression pill ❤ I love him so much

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  2. You’ve done an amazing thing by helping them! ❤ I have a cat & he is the best company. I understand the happiness they bring & it's awful, but sensible, that you're letting them go & I'm sure they'll find happy homes.


  3. Cats are so therapeutic! We just rescued one from the shelter. He’s a 2 year old domestic short hair and I love him! We named him Timon after the Lion King. He’s an indoor cat and he keeps me company.

    I too am suffering from depression and it’s the worst it’s ever been, hence the decision to get a cat. The cat is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. I was going to blog about the cat but didn’t have the motivation to write.


  4. I’m so glad you are still here with us and blogging. I have been at the end of my rope many times and have ended up in the hospital several times. Just keep on fighting. Like you said, your children need you. It is a wonderful thing you are doing with these cats. I, too, have a soft spot for cats and appreciate what you’re doing. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.


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