A Look at my Writing Projects

It has been a busy year in the writing department for The Bipolar Writer. When it comes to writing I like to have several projects that I am working, in the editing phase, close to publishing, and future projects. So I wanted to update on each project.

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The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir – Non Fiction

There is, of course, my memoir, the culmination of my life’s work. I started writing in 2007 and finished its completion in 2018.

Since that time I have been editing, adding, more chapters, and then more editing on my own. In March I finally found a beta reader (started to read in April) who I trust, I am not very trusting with my literary works, and I am hoping that she finishes by the end of April.

For those who don’t know about the project, this is my memoir–my story. It is told in a non-linear format and it shares my experiences of my life with a mental illness. It’s my whole story and I am hoping to self-publish in May or June depending on my copy-editor and if I can pull together the scratch that it will cost me.

Memory of Shane – Screenplay

Logline: A young college student falls in love with a struggling writer, but when his mental illness becomes a threat to her future, she must decide if love is enough.

This is one of three screenplays that I am querying at the moment, but this is the one that will make it on this blog post. This screenplay was started in 2016 and finished in late 2017. I have been working on querying it since early 2018 with not a lot of success. but I continue to persevere.

This summer, I will be entering it into several screenwriting competitions to try and get my name out there as a screenwriter. This a romance/drama screenplay about love, mental illness, and if you can live with someone that has a mental illness.

Angel on the Ward – Fiction Novella

I am really excited to talk about this project. I never meant to write this in the way that story ended. This was originally written in first person narrator format, but I made a decision last month to change over to third person omniscient and write a short novella (about 35-40k in words) and it was a fantastic experience.

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Upcoming Projects

The Rise of the Nephilim

This is my big project, my series that will help define my career (the picture is one I found on pixabay) and I am about the start the first chapters at the end of the month once I get past my current graduate finals/

This project is years in the making. I have been building this fictional fantasy/supernatural world for so long. The characters, themes, outline, world building and everything under the sun is ready to go. I want to spend a week working on the beginning chapters so that I am super focused. It will be the first in a series and it is looking as if it will be a long book.

This Mental Illness Life – An Interview Series

This is a fresh project that has not technically started but in the past, I have interviewed many in the community to share their story.

This will be something new and much bigger. It is one of the projects that will require me to get my Patreon account going because the plan is to interview people in person. That will require travel and expenses. Maybe with The Bipolar Writer memoir being published and my Patreon account I can make this a reality.

Since starting this blog it was always my dream to write feature interviews of the people in the wonderful mental illness community. This is most likely a future endeavor but I would love to get it up and running.

Ending on a Note

This is where The Bipolar Writer is at with his writing projects. I am excited about where my life is going and the projects I hope will be a success. Things were not always positive so I feel good at this moment.

Always Keep Fighting


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4 thoughts on “A Look at my Writing Projects

  1. Hi, Are you set on your book being self-published? If not, I really thinking the publishing company that put out my book would like to take a look at this. The CEO also runs a company called Stigma Fighters and the publishing company Eliezer Tristan Publishing also focuses on mental illness/recovery. If you would like to speak to her, her email is sarahfader@gmail.com.


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