Y’all Are Crazy, and That’s Okay

Having a mental illness is a lonely thing.

Like most people, we want at least someone with whom we can talk. We want a friend to cry with, or even laugh with. We need a deep connection with another human, to feel loved and validated.

Unfortunately, we have a few things that get in the way of socializing.

Many of us are scared. We have trust issues. When we feel hurt, we feel very deeply and wish to avoid feeling that way again. Often, we’ve had a bad experience of someone breaking a promise or shying away when we shared how we think. Heck, a lot of us have a bonafide diagnosis from a doctor that we have social anxieties.

Besides the hurt and fear, we avoid people for their own benefit. We tell ourselves that we are flawed and unsafe. We justify our anti-social behavior with statements like, “I know I’m a downer,” “No ones talks to me at parties. They can see, in my face, that I’m no fun,” and “If they really wanted to be around me, they’d talk to me.”


Those reasons and that voice are hard to work with, but our health and mental stability need to fight against them. I mean, did you know that human connections were rated the most important thing in a happy life?

So stop beating yourself up. Seriously. I’ll tell you why:

  • Most people are some level of crazy. They may not be certified, but they have issues. I can’t tell you how many people I talk with who have experienced some angle of what I have, if not the whole enchilada.
  • Even though you are crazy, what are you gonna do about it? I’ve tried starting over, but the person that is me always shines through. I am what I have to work with and I accept that.
  • Crazy people have options, like crazy-people doctors and crazy-people medications and crazy-people blogs. There are even …crazy people groups that meet and talk crazy together. It’s a blast.
  • You are you, and are a work in progress. Just think: are you still crawling around and stuffing car keys in your mouth? NO! You did that as a baby, silly. Now you are older and know better. You are knowing better every day.
  • The future will be better. The future will be even betterer if you keep moving forward -even if all you can manage is a shuffle.
  • If all else fails, there is chocolate.

I have a few friends. Of those, a few have mental health challenges. Some struggle with depression and social anxiety like I do. One has panic attacks. Another is schizophrenic. A mutual acquaintance is bipolar.

Sometimes when I try to plan a get-together, a friend flakes and doesn’t show up. Sometimes I have a terrible week and have to cancel on one of them. Since we are all in this not-sea-worthy-at-all boat together, however, we get it. If not, we talk about it. We hug. We pull out the chocolate.

I need people. I need understanding. I need connection. So do you. Plus, your challenges and perspectives mean that you are more understanding and empathetic than other people.

I mean, we may all be crazy, but that’s okay. We’re as human as the next person and our needs are just as valid.

You are worth it. I promise.

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25 thoughts on “Y’all Are Crazy, and That’s Okay

  1. Such an awesome and beautiful post πŸ’— Sometimes I feel very lonely dealing with anxiety so it feels good to read this. I just wish I could meet my online friends easier. Everyone in real life is busy but if you really want to see someone you make an effort, right?


    • I like to think that, but know there are times that I’m so much in my head and feelings that I do not come out unless someone’s truly needy…

      It’s nothing personal against the person, which is always difficult to convey to them.


  2. Love the title. Wish I could give more that one like just for the chocolate alone. πŸ™‚ But seriously, you write beautifully and truthfully. I like that your analysis is both gentle and direct, always guiding towards the positive.


  3. I absolutely love this post. I feel like this took a lot of what goes on in my head and put it in print. It can be so hard to socialize and trust and open when you feel like you’re the problem; but we do need people, need to socialize. And everyone has a little crazy in them. Thank you so much for this post!


  4. Well said! I really appreciated this post. As a person with schizoaffective disorder, I feel like a total weirdo sometimes. I have to remind myself that there are others out there struggling with similar issues and we are all in the same boat. Thanks for sharing your humorous and real take on what we are dealing with.


  5. I’m so glad you freely use the word “crazy” in a loving way. I use the word about myself (but refrain from using it for others, unless, c’mon you’re doing a Kanye at the Oval Office thing, then that s*** be crazy). I use it because to me it is much less daunting that the clinical terms. “Nuts” can sometimes be interchanged. I also use it about myself to watch my tender, young millennial shrink cringe (cuz I’m also evil). I’d like to say there is nothing funny about having mental illness, but I can’t say it. And I think having a sense of humor is so important or we just get dragged down even further by our own stuff. Also: I could really go for whatever chocolate things those are. Wow.


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