I am Ready for Group Therapy

Wow. I never thought that these words would ever come out of my mouth. Since a bad psych ward experience with group therapy, I have been anti-group since then.

I have to grow. I can’t keep going down this path of constant social anxiety if I want to truly fight. I was always about one on one therapy. I have been asked so many times to lead group because of how strong I am now. But I was reluctant because one time I had a bad experience, but I have to look at the situation.

My only group therapy experience was in the psychiatric ward back in 2007. I had just tried to commit suicide. It was not the first time, but it was the first that landed me in the hospital. I wanted to be anywhere but in the ward and deep down at the time in my mind there was nothing wrong with me.

Then you put me in a room with people, who I did not like at the time but are now my people, and my propensity to always be angry when forced to talk about what brought me to the ward spelled disaster.

I swore at that moment that I would never do group therapy again. In this mental illness life, that is the only thing that has not gotten better. I was reluctant to start therapy and that changed my life.

Things have to change. Good or bad, next week when I talk to my therapist I am going to discuss group therapy. You have to start somewhere.

Always Keep Fighting


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16 thoughts on “I am Ready for Group Therapy

  1. I’m really proud of you for trying something again that made you so uncomfortable before. I have horrible agoraphobia and it really holds me back from doing a lot. You will have to keep us posted on your therapists opinion on it and if you plan on doing it!


  2. I think it’s great your stepping up and leading a therapy session. I’m sure you can connect with any of the reluctant participants since you’ve had that experience.
    It is encouraging to see someone continue to make positive steps in their life.
    Best of luck on the patreon!


  3. I have done group therapy in all of my hospital stays. I actually like it, but i know that some don’t. I never have much to say but i feel i benefit from hearing what others are dealing with. It gives me a sense that i am not alone in this fight. I hope your group works out for you and i pray that you find a good balance in your treatment and recovery.


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