An angry blogger

I originally created my personal blog to share raw and vulnerable truth in fighting the battle in mental illness.

Slowly, it became a breathing ground for me to vent and share all the good and bad that happened in my life. Why? Because I felt like my mental health really contributed a big factor to almost all things that happens in my life.

However, I’ve realized my blog overall seems so… angry.

When I asked one of my good friends how she would describe my blog, she said “aggressive”.

I don’t use any vulgar language but I do like to get my point across. I like to fight for the mental health stigma and I feel the importance of representing the community.

I like to make sure I don’t look small in my writing because I deal with mental illness. I want to sound and seem just as strong as someone who doesn’t.

But how do I find the equilibrium of sounding like an angry blogger all the time Vs. talking about things that what others “want” to hear?

This has been a huge struggle of mine recently as I had few individuals in my life contacted me asking if I was pointing my fingers at them in my blogs (which was NOT the case at all).

I’m still learning my lesson to take step by step, and not to expect for a huge change overnight just like how it will take time for the mental health stigma.

Nevertheless, seriously, am I the only one that deals with this issue?

Take care,


27 thoughts on “An angry blogger

  1. Hi Haelim, Please don’t be discouraged everything takes time. I was where you are at now. I have PTSD from a very young age, and Blogging helped me get my aggression, anger, all the pain, and suffering I’ve been holding inside of me out. Most of my life I had been bitter towards my husband, my mom, and my older siblings, a few friends and other family members, society and the jobs. I had the world. The presidents from before who haven’t been taken care of our environment are deeply upsetting to me. All of these factors made me very angry. I came on WordPress to release the tension that was progressing. Now I write about my home-based business, my poetry, life with my elderly parents, raising another dog not just any breed of a pup. A stubborn one! I’ve been reading a book and maybe this book will help you as it did me. It’s called: Don’t Sweat the small stuff By Richard Carlson Ph. D As a child growing up and being taught everything my mother could possibly teach me and all of my siblings. This book will tell you your Mother raised you wrong. has plenty of these books and I think his wife and son have written or published more. Have a relaxing night and morning for tomorrow. Please don’t be discouraged. I give you credit for being here and talking about your problems. Thank you I’m a fan of your writings.


  2. For me the stuff I write about is always something that matters to me or that has had some kind of impact on me, so naturally anger is one of those emotions. If anything I feel as though it shows how much you care about what you write


  3. It’s interesting your friend said that your blog was aggressive when that’s not how I would describe your blog at all. I always enjoy your posts, they make me feel not so alone in my mental health journey. Especially when you were going through a really difficult time recently, I appreciated how honest you were.


  4. You are definitely not the only one. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and write a lot about the struggles that come with it and just info and I was asked why I’m being so negative. Not my intention on being negative or aggressive, just trying to get it out there that mental health is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I feel you on this.


      • I feel it! Happens to me all the time. Just yesterday I was made to feel like such a negative person. What people who don’t have anxiety and depression don’t understand is that we NEED an outlet or it’s an overload. Blogging is the healthiest way without directly going off on someone. I want to be a mental health advocate.


  5. I don’t write to what people want to hear or read. I write what I think and feel. That’s what makes your articles unique and true and your going to get some people that relate and agree and others who dont. As even though many struggle with mental health they all have their own personal cases and in my opinion no two are the same the only one thing people have in common is the having to deal with having mental health. So what you might be feeling and expressing will probably be different to another. I was told my poems are too dark and depressing yet on the flip side others relate. Just stay true to yourself and do what helps you 😊


  6. I think when we’re passionate about something it can come across as aggressive or angry sometimes. It can be hard to really feel what someone is feeling when they are writing, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a good job. Keep blogging and doing your thing.


  7. My whole life my Ma would say I was “angry at the world” and no one ever knew why. 38 years later I was diagnosed with bipolar. What I found is that I become angry when I do not feel listened to and then I stepped back and looked at my role in all of it. It is hard to teach and not preach and rarely is our message heard through anger. Knowing this I began to work on my approach. My delivery of my message. And while I haven’t it perfected it, it has changed the way in which I speak about topics I am passionate about. There is a fine line between whining and awareness. I am not sure if this will help you but it has elevated my communication skills. Also, people respond well to humor. Anytime a serious subject can be made lighter, do so. As far as finding a balance, I reside at either end of the scale and I’ve come to accept that’s where I’ll always be.


  8. I appreciate your honesty. What you write is real, sharing from the heart. I would rather read that than social media posts that make it appear that everyone is always happy and smiling. Your posts don’t seem too aggressive or angry. I can identify with many of the emotions you express because of my own experience with depression and PTSD.


  9. If it is not your intent to appear angry then by all means start your process of change but I agree with a lot of the others, it is you and it’s real and raw and honestly, in writing we need that emotion!


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