Collaborator Changes & New Contributors

A Note of Changes for Collaborators

I wanted to preface this blog post with this, I know the collaborators are busy people with many things that are commanding their time.

However, I have been relaxed and allowing some contributors to go months without a post. The original agreement was at least one required post every two weeks (two post a month) so that the content of this blog will stay fresh.

Starting April 5th, 2019, if you have not posted at least one blog post this year, I will be taking you off the roster.

In May, I will be implementing the two a month policy of posts and will be making changes by end of the month if you have not posted at least one blog post that month. There will be exceptions and if you contact me and explain you situation I will you to write at least one every three weeks. The reason is because there are others looking to join the ranks.

Other Changes of Contributors

The other change effective April 1st, 2019 is that I will be asking all contributors to schedule your posts at least 24 hours from when they are willing to publish. What has been happening is that people will post all on a Monday and then nothing all week.

If you post automatically (like all on the author level) I ask you to please schedule, if you don’t I might make the change and repost another for another time. Lastly, please edit and proofread your work the best you can, I just don’t have the time to do so because of my busy schedule.

New Contributors

I am looking for fresh eyes on new mental health topics for The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog. Please inquire

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