Let’s Bloom Together

I’ve been doing well to keep up with reading most of the posts on this fantastic collaborative blog and I’ve noticed that a lot of us are really struggling right now.

For me, I know that I can post on here to find at least one person who says they have experienced or are experiencing the same thing I am. It makes me feel so much less alone!

We all struggle with our mental illnesses therefore we should all try to lift each other up!

I empower anyone reading this to take a moment to leave a comment below with words of encouragement, a song that lifts your spirits or whatever the f*ck you want that is positive.

Maybe you have a routine that helps you overcome anxious thoughts, leave it below!

Tell us your favorite comfort food you indulge in when you’re struggling! Mine is usually ice cream, a chocolate chip cookie or an expensive smoothie.

Share with us what you appreciate most about this mental health community!

I can’t wait to read your responses!

41 thoughts on “Let’s Bloom Together

  1. Great post! Hmm… When I am anxious (which has been lately), I’ve implemented meditation 2 times a day again. I lacked for over a month. I’ve had my diffuser working on a full-time basis. The scent is lovely (lavender and jasmine). I have avoided the news, is that it makes me more anxious. As far as comfort food goes… Anything that doesn’t bite back. LOL! 😊


  2. In times of anxiety, I know that I am not living in the moment. I am in the “what was” and “what might be”. Laughter helps bring me back to the “here and now”. I had an amazing blog about coping with negative self-talk but it was erased before I saved it. I’ll have it up tomorrow for solo lunch.


  3. What I’m appreciating right now, and it really as simple as…..making the connection to others. I just wish I’d done it sooner, but maybe I just wasn’t ready back then. I finally motivated myself to take action and the community that I am now surrounded by is just so inspiring…it even gets emotional sometimes! I am most definitely not alone, I know this now! Thank you Megan for this post, and a massive thank you to EVERYONE so far that has read my own battles and journey with my Mental Health. The feedback has just been incredible! Love to all 🙂 Paddy x


    • It is amazing how humans can connect with one another on such a deep level. There are some people out there you just vibe with! You’re welcome and thank you for sharing, Paddy! x


    • what a shame that the funding has been cut for some of the projects you mention. I tried calling them all and was not able to find any help. I’m pleased to have found this group though.


    • Damian you are more determined than I. Every morning I want to do a short work out but I always choose for 15 extra minutes of sleep. Thank you for sharing!


  4. For the longest time, I couldn’t read because I couldn’t stop my anxiety from controlling my thoughts while reading, which affected my focus. Now, I’m proud to say that I’ve read two books already this month and am starting a third! It wasn’t easy, but I’m slowly getting back to the ‘me’ that I know I am.


  5. One of the reasons I so love theatre is the range of experiences found in different musicals. My Broadway playlist is over 100 hours long and has almost 2,000 tracks. No matter what I’m feeling, I can find something that relates to me.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Christian anymore, but one of my FAAAAAAAVORITE songs that gets me through what I now know is depression is Close Every Door from Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. There’s a sadness in the lyrics that is so familiar, but it there’s also a hope that’s tangible. When I can’t find my way through the darkness, I listen to the things that remind me there’s a light to be found if you just hold on.

    The fact that the song immediately following (Go, Go, Go Joseph) is so encouraging really helps to encourage me to keep going.


    • Thank you so much for sharing, Monique!! It’s amazing how music and theatre can move us and connect with our hearts. I’ll have to check out those two songs. I’ve never seen that show.


  6. This was literally on my mind today. I kept thinking every time I received a notification in my mail today, the posts I browsed through matched what I was feeling. At times I also feel alone, my family doesn’t really understand how I feel and at times neither do I. But I read through the posts and I feel a slight sense of comfort and it really is a great feeling. Thank you to everyone for the stories they share


  7. Grounding meditation. Sit comfortable close eyes 3 or more deep breaths.
    Visualise tree roots coming from souls of feel deep deep into mother Earth the feel the comfort of her energy drawing up through the roots
    Again concentrate on energy and your breath build the time you do this up from five mins to 15.
    Draw up roots take a min to settle
    Works for me every time and you can do this quietly anywhere x♥️


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