Letter to myself

Hello and welcome to this blog. I want to give a little warning, in this blog I will share a poem I have made about a letter to myself of my past. And this could trigger anxiety, depression, and suicide for those who are easily triggered. This poem is about my past and things I have personally been gone through and for that I hope you guys can respect that. I would love to hear your thoughts/story/emotions about this topic. And I want to make one thing very clear. No matter who you are and what you have gone through you are worth fighting for and be the best and most beautiful version of yourself. Because beauty shines from inside out.

Now please enjoy the poem. For more blogs made by me: prettyrose177

Dear me

Dear me,
Life is not easy, nor will ever be.
You are a fighter and a survivor.
And worthy of love
and to revive her.

Dear me,
Sticks and stones can’t and will not break your bones.
Life will get you down,
They will get you down.
They will call you names like ugly and fat.
Just your life is so much more than that.

Dear me,
They might break you.
They might haunt your dreams.
And they will go to extremes.
Just don’t give up.
You are worthy of love.

Dear me,
Don’t let the anxiety killing me.
Dear me,
Don’t let them control me.

Dear me,
You can save a life
Just throw away that knife.
A knife of pain and suffering
And all the illness it will bring.

Dear me,
I will fight for you,
I will love you,
I will take care of you.
Just don’t give up hope.

Dear me,
Let your light shine.
Let them see,
Who you are and mend to be.

Dear me,
Show them they won’t control you
Show them you are stronger than ever before.
And that you have a lot more strength in store.

Dear me,
You are loved.
Dear me,
Your angels watch from above.

4 thoughts on “Letter to myself

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