Don’t Wait. Live Now.


There is no question that life can throw some serious unexpected curve balls, sometimes at your face, that make you truly think about everything that deeply matters to you. Its times like these that have the potential to shatter your plan and make you take a good hard look at your life in a way you never imagined you would have to.

You know the moments, the ones that scare you, humble you and have you bracing for the next pitch. They take your breath away and have your mind racing at a speed that makes your head spin.

Ironically, its in these moments when we feel it’s time to profess our feelings, plan that trip, chase our dream or take that leap of faith we’ve been mulling over for longer than we can remember.

I’ve sat in those moments, one just recently, and I’ve had those thoughts and contemplated my life and all that it has been and all that it could be. My biggest take away from it, was why do we wait until these moments to choose to be the person we long to be?

We can overthink, overanalyze, over dramatize and pretend like we have forever and a day to do or say what’s in our heart, but the truth is, we have these moments, right now, Why wait?

Don’t wait to tell those you love what they mean to you, don’t wait to take that trip with your kids, or follow that dream you’ve carried with you since the first grade. Don’t wait to hit the road for your next adventure, or write that book or screenplay, or go back to school, open a business or learn to sail.

Don’t wait, do it now. We are not promised tomorrow and there is no room for regret. Say I love you, plan the vacation, step out of your bubble, and make that dream a reality. Now.

You have the choice to live this life while you live this life. Don’t wait for the curve ball, live it now and laugh til your stomach hurts, dance til the music stops, sing so the world can hear you and live every second you have – because you can.

Don’t wait to love the beautiful, exciting, incredible life you are meant to live. Live now, live every moment you have, and live it with love in your heart, grace in your step and fire in your soul.

Much Love,

Lisa J.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Wait. Live Now.

  1. I think too many people want things to be perfect before they take risks because they believe “failure is not an option” instead of seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. At what moment did you decide to stop waiting and what caused it?

    I recently resigned from my position as a high school teacher and adjunct faculty at a community college and now, each day, I try to do something without waiting for the perfect conditions. My motivation was authentic living. It made me tire of playing that waiting game.


    • You are absolutely right and I was stuck in that mindset for a very long time. I think fear drives us to believe perfect exists but it doesn’t. Now is truly our moment and you’re spot on, waiting gets so tiresome.

      While inspiration for this post stemmed from a recent medical scare that turned out to be nothing, my true moment, the one that woke me up, happened in 2015 when I learned all too well that death and adversity do not discriminate, and like you, authentic living became my true goal.

      Thank you for sharing 🧡


  2. Living the life you want to live and staying in the moment is truly the secret to staying happy. It can seem like common sense, but in the throes of what life throws at you it can be hard to maintain that mindset when being bombarded by stress and anxiety.

    This is great and I know many who need to read this now…including me. Thank you for the inspirational words.


    • You are absolutely right. While it seems like such an easy thing to say, actually doing it can be difficult without getting overwhelmed. Sometimes we all need a reminder how much each moment counts.

      Thank you for reading and I wish you much happiness 🧡


  3. Great advice. So many of the blessings we seek are already in our life. Too many times I’ve been sucked into chasing things that other people think are important instead of pursuing what is important to me. Thanks for sharing your insight.


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