Societal Genocide

A society screaming for acceptance

Sits judging the alcoholic mom

Religious people condemn others to hell

As Priests rape innocent,

God-fearing boys

Promoting originality and authenticity

Forgetting to disclose an addiction to prescription pain pills

Chanting for equal rights

Gripping your purse

if a black man is in sight

Turning your back

And closing our eyes

Does nothing for the abused elderly

Strangers criticize the strengths of others,

Hidden behind a monitor

A system too blind to see

an orphan being sexually abused,

Until his terrorist attack

appears on the news

A mothers pain heard

finding her son on the floor


A needle in his arm

A Nation arrogant,

Full of pride


Homosexual pride


Forced to hide

We’ve adopted this societal genocide


19 thoughts on “Societal Genocide

  1. I wonder if the world will ever change. It is so sad to think of these things happening in real life every single day, and not only every day, but somewhere in the world, every so many minutes! A poem of much strength and truth – beautifully and sensitively written. Thank you kindly

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    • Sorry, I am just now seeing your comment. Thank you for reading.

      And in my humble opinion, the world has to change and soon because where we stand right now is in complacency. These tragic events are being exposed yet we continue to sweep them under the rug. People have to awaken and take responsibility for their actions and we as the surrounding being must hold them and ourselves accountable. I am afraid we are in a sad state. I do hold onto a glimmer of hope in our youth but I fear that it will take devastation initiate change.


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