Wedding dress shopping

Hello and welcome to my blog. It has been a while since I wrote something here. That’s just because I wanted to write my next blog about my stressful wedding dress shopping. Now I won’t talk about all kinds of dresses and girly stuff. I want to tell you more about my experience and just what I learned in the process.

Now let’s go into this!

First shop

Not really knowing what to expect from this. I went to a shop close by. A 30 minutes drive. This was after long research online, since I do not have a budget for like an expensive dress.

This first shop, first look, looked good and good quality for the price. This shop was a wedding dress outlet.

My mom and I went inside and we were greeted nicely and so far everything went alright. Then I could pick the dresses I liked. Then we went into dress fitting. And now the nightmare starts. I am plus size and I found out that with dress shopping you have to add 2 sizes to your normal size, at least. And so a lot of dresses were either too big or too small. And well that was really stressful.

other shops

In the end, I ended up going to two other shops. And the second one was also a nightmare, nothing really fitted. And this was really hard for my self-confidence. That even tho I am not a size small there wasn’t much out there for me.

Now the last shop, it was an eye-opener. I had a couple of panic attacks about my dress and the fact that nothing fitted me. It was turning in a big horror experience. The last shop, I found my dress. Which turned the situation upside down.

What I have learned

That no matter what size I have I am beautiful. That disappointment is part of life and it shouldn’t control me the way that it did. Now there is something really beautiful about planning a wedding and many beautiful moments. But damn, what stress is it also. I think sometimes it is too much all that stress. But those moments I am trying to image the finish line, which I am working towards.

This is it about my dress shop experience. Now if you have any questions about me, the wedding plans or the way I cope with the stress. Feel free to ask. I also love to hear about your experience and tips and tricks.

I hope to see you next time, by a new blog.


13 thoughts on “Wedding dress shopping

  1. I, too, have written about my wedding dress shopping experience, it was emotional but luckily I found the dress in the first shop.
    I think that an important day, like your wedding day can begin a rollercoaster of emotions. We may start of at different heights and have a whirlwind of a ride, but in the end…its on an even level.
    I am happy that you found the one 😊

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  2. You did really well in a stressful situation and so glad that you found your dress! There’s so much pressure on people to get the ‘right dress’. I’m getting married next year and am I bit fearful about shopping for dresses as I don’t have the best self esteem. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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  3. I really admire your courage to share your experience of situations like this of your life, we all have our moments and you are right, we are all beautiful in our own way.

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  4. I think the media pushes the image of the ultra-slim woman too much and it is not the reality that most have to deal with. Of course, you want to have a healthy lifestyle but making people feel bad about themselves doesn’t really help matters any. I am glad you found a dress and hope your wedding goes great. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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  5. It’s a journey not a winners circle. Finding your perfect mate didn’t happen overnight and, usually, neither does that perfect dress.

    Those who are size 4 have the same problem just from the opposite point of view.

    Enjoy your experiences. They only happen once.

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  7. I had such a hard time finding a Bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding. Finding something in a particular color and specific length for that body was a nightmare (I had my first kid about four months before). On the opposite side, my sister is a size 0 and she barely found a dress a week before her wedding. She was a nervous wreck.

    I’m glad it worked out for you in the end. Finding the right dress seems to be difficult for everyone (I regret my choice of wedding dress to this day).

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  8. The whole process of the traditions around a wedding is designed to make women feel like they can’t meet the very high standards of an acceptable bride or bridesmaid. When I went to the Bridal shop, I was a size 14 US. You would have thought I was as large as a cow the way I was treated. They only had size 8 samples. I had to stand in the shop with the dress back open because the dresses were too small while they seamstress asked me how much weight I would lose before the wedding. The humiliation was so intense I gave up on having a wedding dress. When I was a bridesmaid, I needed therapy to get through the process. I needed help finding a way to hold on to my integrity while going through with this process.

    For my wedding, I brought a fine dress that fit me beautifully and made me happy. I had to put up with “what kind of wedding is this” attitudes. What was the message I was sending my relatives that I didn’t “deserve” a wedding dress?

    Let’s change these medieval traditions and attitudes before another woman suffers and thinks it is her inadequacy.

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  9. I had the same issue when I went wedding dress shopping. I went to a pop up wedding dress shop, and tried on every single one I could just to figure out what I liked. Turns out, what I initially had wanted was not what I really wanted. When I went to David’s Bridal, I tried on everything my family picked (you never know, right?). I kept an open mind, and ignored the fact that things were loose or too tight. I repeated, “I may be big, but i’m beautiful, too.” It is heart wrenching that some of the other shops with ‘better’ reputations don’t cater to anyone over a size 14. (I learned that when dress shopping for my girls’ dresses). I’m not ordering something that I couldn’t put on. I think at the end of the day… I viewed it like a game of dress-up. Yeah, it is for an important event, but if you can’t have fun finding the dress, what’s the point? It may feel like life or death at times, but that isn’t the case. The dress, the centerpieces, the food, etc don’t make the day. The energy you and your future spouse bring (alongside your guests) is what makes the day. When you feel like you’re sinking, there are people there to help too. I know my family and now-husband played a big role on keeping me calm and figuring it all out.
    Congrats on your engagement, too! I’m sure the stress will be well worth it for the day you have ahead!

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