Depression Days

It is Not the End of the World

If you’re like me, you will be glad about January coming to a close.

I have been lucky if I think about it logically (though with depression nothing is ever logical.) I got through October, November, and December without depression, a rare thing. My old friend depression is usually right on my shoulder at this time of year. It is no surprise, at least not entirely. I had hope that things would continue on a good trend.

So with week three, and my depression still peaking, I figure the best thing to do is continue to write. I took yesterday off entirely in hopes it would help. It did a bit, but depression is no easy fix. It is gonna take all that I have right now to clear the fog. It is not the end of the world.

I could go negative. I have gotten, over the past week five rejection letters for my screenplay. But, there is real positivity because I have garnered interest. Even the rejection letters give me a positive outlook for the future of my screenplay Memory of Shane.

In even more positive news, despite my depression when I wake, I am well on my way in the beginning stages of my next novel, the longest that I will have ever written to this point. It will end up a series, and I have never been so excited in the pre-work of a novel before, and it is shaping up to be an exciting story (I will be making my first foray into fantasy fiction writing the area of focus for all my future writing.

What I have learned throughout my life is that depression is just a symptom of being Bipolar. Life can go on, and it does with or without you. I made a decision long ago that I will not let life pass me by. This depression cycle, like every one before it, always ends. Depression is never the end.

If you are struggling know that I am with you in spirit. We can continue to fight together. We are stronger together.

Life continues. Stay strong in the Fight.

Always Keep Fighting


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My GoFundMe Page

The Bipolar Writer blog is raising the money to upgrade this site to a business blog. This will take this blog to the next level and I will be able to allow people to sell their written work here on my blog. There are also so many big things that come along with the business plan so that we can continue to share mental illness stories. 

I know it is a lot to ask. So many of us in the mental illness community struggle to meet their basic needs. Here is James asking for money. I know the struggle (it is why I can’t spend the $300 plus of my own money to take the blog to the next level.) With everything going on with my memoir and self-publishing this blog can use your help. If you can give anything, not matter how small, can be a game changer.

We have raised $140! That is amazing.

We are still short of our goal of $325, the cost of the upgrade for a year. If we raise enough, I’d like to upgrade for the next two years (which totals $435.) If you can donate it would mean the world to me, if not I understand. 100% of what is raised will stay with the blog and only used to upgrade.

22 thoughts on “Depression Days

  1. I spend more time in depression than in mania, which I read is typical of many people with a bipolar-type illness. It is always a struggle but I have to remind myself, like you said, it is part of a cycle and will eventually come to an end. I pray that this will pass quickly for you and that God will be with you in all that you do. Take care.

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  2. Have any of you ever been in the process of recovery and had someone bring you down? I feel like this person is trying to bully for something I did when I was on an extreme manic high and drinking. I didn’t know I was going to do something so spontaneously and I feel that this person will never stop hating me. Tell me what you think about this situation: should he forgive me or do I deserve to be treated the way he is treating me?

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