How are my 2019 Goals Coming Along?

I wanted to update my 2019 goals as we come near the end of January before I forget. Here is what my goals were to start the year.

Mental Health Goals

  1. Work on my social anxiety – This is my most important goal. It was my biggest goal of 2018, which I have made strides, but I genuinely want to conquer my social anxiety.
  2. Work on my sleep – This is perhaps my lifelong goal and one that has always seemed out of reach. I will be working on this in the coming year.
  3. Work on my Isolation – I need to be going out into the world and doing my thing more often. I can’t let my social anxiety control and isolate me in 2019.

When it comes to working on my social anxiety, I am always moving forward though I am still struggling in my month of January. I am hopeful because my new Ativan routine is working and minimizing my nighttime anxiety and I have had only three panic attacks (about once a week).

My sleep is getting to be more of an issue and growing one. I am working with my doctors to see a sleep specialist next month, and I will hopefully get back on a CPAP machine.

When it comes to isolation it has gotten worse but part of it is because of my depression over the past few weeks and not being able to go many places without a car (it is a whole issue that my car broke down.) Anyway this a longterm mental health goal that I will continue to try and work. Life is always about moving worward.

Life Goals/Resolutions

  1. Finish a novel in 2019. I am starting a new novel soon, I am in the pre-creating part where I figure out every aspect of the novel. It will eventually be a series. My WIP is in fantasy fiction/supernatural/dark romanticism hybrid.
  2. Finish a screenplay in 2019. Haven’t started yet.
  3. Publish my memoir in January 2019. I am taking a break for a couple of weeks to plan my next move.
  4. Work out daily and eat better. I am working out six days a week and I have started to change my diet. It hasn’t been easy but I am adjusting.
  5. Grow my freelance writing business. It has been slow but I am working on it.
  6. Help to continue to end the stigma of mental health. This is alwaus ongoing,

It is all about moving forward, and while my goals are both short-term and long-term, there is always room for improvement. Depression has made daily life harder, but it comes with the territory.

I’d love to hear your updated goals of 2019 and how it is coming along.

Always Keep Fighting


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13 thoughts on “How are my 2019 Goals Coming Along?

  1. I have some very similar goals, plus one of getting my retro lifestyle brand up and running properly. I wish you all the best in your endeavours!! We can do this *high fives* We have magic running in our blood.

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  3. Being more sociable is on my list too. I don’t have severe social anxiety but I do live in a country where I don’t speak the language so it gives me excuses I need to stop taking. So far I’ve just smiled at more people, but I think this year is going to be a productive year for me. For all of us, hopefully! ❤

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  4. Those are great goals! How do you break your bigger goals down into smaller and more specific goals, to get you where you want to go? Yesterday I wrote out my vision of 5 things that are most important to me. But I get overwhelmed and distracted easily. I am trying to figure out how to keep working toward those goals even when anxiety, depression, or mania make things harder. I think breaking things down and focusing on one thing at a time is my biggest challenge!

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