What wanted to be When I Grew Up

A Non-Mental Health Blog Post

skycraft-studios-1152277-unsplashMy favorite movie as a kid was Top Gun, so naturally, I wanted to be a fighter pilot.

By the time I was six, and I knew that horrible eyesight meant that my dream of winning Top Gun went out the door. It was around this age when I first started to write. I had been reading on my own since I was three years old, and my favorite subject to write as a kid was UFO/science fiction. I am not sure that I always wanted to be a writer, but I know that I am a kindred spirit with reading and writing.

Writing came out of being alone for most of my life. I have always felt outside of most people. I am a natural introvert, and I feel so energized by myself. For sections of my life, I lost my love for writing. It was partly because I was dealing with my mental illness issues, but it was always there, and writing will be a part of my life. We all have dreams when we are kids, but I also think that we find ourselves without us really knowing.

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Cibi Chakravarthi

7 thoughts on “What wanted to be When I Grew Up

  1. My first ice show I knew I’d be a figure skater. Until the time and money factors played in. I’ve been a writer since age 5 and it suits my introverted personality perfectly.

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  2. Another introvert here, and I also love writing. I don’t know if I can call myself a writer, since I haven’t released anything and most of my writings I just keep to myself and haven’t showed them to anyone so far, but I still really love writing and it helps me in many ways. I also started to think about becoming a writer in quite early childhood.

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