Self-Care Goals For 2019

Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been”.

Kurt Vonnegut

I don’t have New year’s resolutions but I have self-care goals for this New year.

Self-Care Goals For 2019

  1. If things feel wrong, I won’t pursue them or do them.
  2. I will say exactly what I mean without worrying about other people’s opinions. I will project my voice so that it is heard whilst being respectful.
  3. I won’t be a people pleaser. As someone who is extremely empathetic and altruistic, I tend to put other people’s needs before my own. I will put own needs before others’ needs for the first time.
  4. I will trust my intuition.
  5. I won’t speak badly about myself.
  6. I won’t give up on my dreams. No matter how long it takes me to achieve something or if I face hurdles that slow me down.
  7. I will be kind to myself.
  8. Letting go of things I cannot control.
  9. Not being afraid of saying No.
  10. Not being afraid of saying Yes.
  11. Staying away from drama and negative people.
  12. Learning from bad experiences and bettering myself.
  13. Loving life and what it has to offer me.
  14. Loving all the people in my life and knowing when to walk away if a relationship fails.
  15. Most importantly, trusting my own journey and believing in myself.

What are your goals or plans or self-care goals for 2019?

Please feel free to comment below.

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

Jalaluddin Rumi

Thank you for being with me. I look forward to seeing you here again soon. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.



25 thoughts on “Self-Care Goals For 2019

  1. Happy New Year and may 2019 brings you all the best!
    It’s mostly all the goals you have mentioned. I can add some:
    – Keep exercising as a life style and habit.
    – Take care of my heart.
    – Be happier and live more.
    – Doing something great and extraordinary…

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  2. These are great goals. I’ll really be trying to stay away from drama and negative people too! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the truthfulness of Proverbs 13:20 “The one walking with the wise will become wise,But the one who has dealings with the stupid will fare badly.” We become the company we keep.


  3. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and people pleasing my whole life I found this really relatable. I also made a list of self-care goals for this year with main theme being “to stand up for and love myself first”. Very difficult for me but so freeing.
    If my cup is empty, how I possibly hope to fill yours?

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