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Hello,Β This is my first blog written here. So let me introduce myself real quick. My name is Rosa-Lynn and I am an occupational therapy student. Also, I have a small blog myself PrettyRose. But once in a while, I will write a blog especially for you here. For me personally, December is the busiest month of the whole year and really really stress full. That doesn’t help my anxiety.

Without noticing it, tension can build up in your body. As a result less energy and many other symptoms. So I will share some tricks you can do at home to detox yourself from stress. Which often work for me.

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People often say you have to shake the emotion away as in forgetting it. But what if real shaking works? An American dr. David Bercili he developt the Tension Release Exercise. This is based on shaking your body.Β  So saying this, here is an exercise I do.

I lay down with my feet against each other and my knees up. Slowly drop my knees to the ground and back up and do this for a while. I notice that after some time almost my whole body starts shaking. I know this sounds weird but you have to try this yourself. And while you do this, try to relax.


A lot of tension is stored in a muscle in the back. A friend of mine thought me a simple trick to release tension in my back. For this, you need a bouncing ball, one that is a little bigger than the normal one.Β  You put the bouncing ball between your back and the back of a chair. Especially on the spot that feels tense/painful. You put a little pressure on the bouncing ball in a circular motion, don’t use too much pressure. Just enough to move the bouncing ball. While you do this your body will send more blood to that area and releases the tension.

Something else what you can do is give yourself a shoulder massage or ask a loved one to help you with this.


I always notice that when I am more stressed or my emotions are high my breaths get shorter. So something I have been doing for years is what I tell my 10 seconds rule. I close my eyes and count to 10 slowly. While I focus on my breathing and slow down my breathing. Some breathing tips:

  • In with the nose and out in the mouth.
  • As you breathe in your belly should rise. As you breathe out your belly should lower.
  • Try to take three full breaths.
  • Try to imagine that air around is giving you peace and calmness while you breathe.


Sleep is the most important thing for your body. It heals you mentally and physically. When I am stressed getting to sleep is a lot harder and staying asleep.

This is something I just started doing. I have an app called stretching on my phone and when I am more tensed I do a full body stretch of 15 minutes. Just to relax and put my focus on something else. This with instrumental music makes me sleep like a baby.

I hope those tips can help more people than just me. If you have any questions about any of the exercises feel free to leave a comment. And this won’t be the last you have heard from me.



10 thoughts on “stress detox

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  2. Hey Rosa-Lynn,

    That stretching before bed is serious. I like to do yoga. deep stretching I suppose is the same thing. Helps relieve my mind as well because it’s always at the end of the night that my mind to work and think of a million things. Thanks for the great read….”scrolls your actual blog” πŸ˜€

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