A Guest Blog – Harmful Tips For A Mama`s Boy

This is the second guest post from blogger Melisa Marzett here on The Bipolar Writer blog. The author asked that I share this piece. The ideas expressed in this article is that of the author and not The Bipolar Writer blog as a whole.

Harmful Tips For A Mama`s Boy

1. Never part ways with your boy for more than half of a day. A child should know that there is an access to his mama at any moment!

2. Do not focus a child`s attention if you need to go out for some time. The kid should not get accustomed to the fact that his mother can go out somewhere without taking him with her. It is better to run away behind the scenes.

3. Show too much indulgence to each and all wish of your baby. As the phrase goes, whatever toy or play makes the baby gay!

4. Sleep together. At least until he is 3-4 years old. Sleeping together is very useful for the comfortable psychological condition of the baby. Especially for a boy! By the way, it will be helpful to move your daddy to another room (mother-and-child room might work) so he did not bother good sleeping together. Come to think of it, so he did not interfere you bringing up your son.

5. When the boy goes to a kindergarten, it is going to be very stressful for him, which is why do not forget to make his pockets full of candies and to buy him a little toy each time on the way back home. You have one son after all!

6. Focus on your kid. Your son is the meaning of your life. Let him control your time, leisure time and mood.

7. The main thing does not forget to feed your child as much as possible. It will fortify the immune system of your boy undoubtedly making him healthy and strong! In addition, the boy should always be wrapped up in layers. Pay special attention to it. Your attention and care will make your boy responsible and independent.

8. Remember that your son is your one and only beloved man. Try to shift responsibility for your woman`s happiness and invest your hopes for future in your son.

9. Do not wait for him to do everything by himself, help him!

10. If there is some free time, do a part of his homework for your son. There is a lot to do for schoolchildren nowadays; such an overload may be dangerous for your child! Do not forget to examine your son for diseases, he may be sick! It will be helpful to give me medicine, vitamins for immune stimulation.

11. Do not make your boy do things about the house, he is not a girl!

12. You should never ever bind apprentice to sports sections because it may be too dangerous! You will feel better if your boy will spend more time home on tablet PC. You had to buy a smartphone or a tablet for your boy at the time. Your son might pass in the crowd!

And the last but not least paragraph is:

13. Do not ever punish your child! Limitations in joy or smacking ass (oh, the horror!) is a true violence over Personality and it may provoke a psychological trauma for the rest of life. Keep in mind that a child is able to gain insight what is best for him.
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