A Mental Health Anniversary – 11 Years Later – Part Two

A Mental Health Anniversary – Part Two

It All Starts With Hope

* I know that this piece was supposed to go live on Thanksgiving. I apologize for that, here is the link to the first piece. A Mental Health Anniversary – 11 Years Later Part One

ron-smith-372792-unsplashHope. You didn’t have a lot of this when you started out eleven years ago. That night you first learned about your illness the first thing you turned to was denial. It was just more comfortable because it made wanting to end your life that much easier.

That was long gone in your life, suicidal thoughts, and you had to find something else to hold on to, and that is when you decided to go back to school. It was your chance to find yourself, and at the same time find your writing self.

Your writing was always your way to get through life. Maybe it was destiny, but deep down you knew that if you could hone your skills, it was possible to find your way in this mental illness life.

It was 2014, and you finally got there, starting the beginning of your journey. You knew it was never going to be easy. It was never the right time to deal with your mental health. So you pushed everything aside and soldiered on. Life continued and although depression was still your frequent companion in the coming years, having your school work as a reason to wake up in the morning was all you needed to stay strong.


The unexpected happened, something you never planned for but nonetheless therapy became a significant part of your life. It changed the game. You found ways to cope with your depression. It wasn’t overnight but look at you now. You have all but conquered your depression and are going without antidepressants. Who would have thought it possible?

You have come so far. This blog. Your screenplay. Finishing your memoir, something that was ten years in the making. You have become a beacon of light in the mental illness community. Something you never thought could ever be possible. Most of all you are alive.

Wow. You’re alive. I bet you never saw that coming.

This mental illness life will always be a struggle, but it was your courage seven years ago to change your life that changed everything. I keep fighting today because you fight then, I am here because of you.

Thank you.

Always Keep Fighting


Photo Credit:

Lina Trochez

Ron Smith


14 thoughts on “A Mental Health Anniversary – 11 Years Later – Part Two

  1. Felicidades! Eleven years is a big deal and wow you ARE ALIVE! 🙂 What are you looking for in a cover? I’ve designed a few covers for my own books. I have no idea what you need and might not be the right fit, but if I was able to, I would draft a design for you so you can use that money for other publishing costs.

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